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medience for uclerated eye

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Tango (cat I recently adopted) has been struggling with his eye since early Dec (when I got him). Now he has a HUGE corneal ulcer with vascular ingrowth/probable chlamydia.. I was given 2 mediences- one is an ointment (give 2 x a day) called erthromycin ophthalmic ointment. The second medience is what I'm worried about- it's called Metacam (meloxicam) and it says non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug for oral use in dogs ONLY. Tango is a CAT! I was told to put 10 drops of Metacam in his food once a day for 3 days then 5 drops in food for 3 days then 5 drops 2 x a week....

Pls advise ASAP about metacam. I will not give him this until I hear back from my vet and from some experts here.

I am hoping this will clear poor Tango's eye FAST. He has been suffering for the last 2 months- I have been bringing him back and forth to various vets and trying various mediences and nothing seems to be helping much. The vet I saw today is an eye specialist so I'm hoping we will have better luck..
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Even though it says dogs, it is the Vet's discretion to use it off label. The vet I work for gives it to his 14 year old cat, and when the Merial representative comes in to talk with us about their specials and new drugs on the market, he has told us that many vets are using it for cats and is working on FDA approval.
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An eye specialist would know I am sure. We give a medicine that is meant for horses and cows to the cats, I couldn't believe it at first but it works. I would do what your vet says.
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