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Controlling the mess while grooming

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I guess my kittens are finally growing up as they are starting to shed, and their fur has gotten so much thicker. I've brushed them a bit here and there, but I think it's time for a more regimented routine.

After a decent brushing though, I was totally covered in hair, and I needed to vacuum.

Do you have a special way of doing things? How best to keep the loose hairs under control. Static is also a problem right now. Neither kitten has been bathed before, should I wipe down their fur or do something special. I am able to trim their nails and even brush their teeth. It's not always easy though. It's also very hard to brush under the legs or the belly area, but I'll work on it.

Maybe I need to wear a good covering apron, hey maybe I can sew one out of a non-sticky type of fabric (though it may cause more static.)

Just looking for ideas on good grooming. I'd love some links if you have any.
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Whenever I take care of my cats, I clean their eyes out first with ear wipes. Then whenever I brush them, any loose hair that comes out, I put on the wet wipe. Then when I'm done, I just take that wipe and clean the floor and toss it away.

Oh I never put them in my lap when I'm brushing them, that's how the fur gets on you. Let them curl on the floor and brush them that way.

Hope that helps!
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I control massive shedding by bathing. But you may not want to do that if your cats are short hair. Try spreading out an old sheet, setting the cat on it and then brushing him. Or get a grooming glove. With that the shedding fur will stick to the glove. Or a zoom groom will work the same way.
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this is what I use on my cats they love it its got one side with large teeth /saw and the other side is smaller teeth. it seems to hold the hair as well.
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this might be a better photo
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I always make sure to brush my boys before I get changes, and to do it on a throw rug on the hardwood floor. Most of the hair sticks to me and the rug, so all I have to do is change and put my clothes and the rug in the washer. At least I don't have to drag the vaccume cleaner out and scare the boys.
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I do mine outside so the hair blows away. Otherwise I am going to cover myself in duct tape????
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