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Good Luck Vibes, please?

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Hi, all.

I've designed, implemented and refined the training program for new real estate agents in my office. It seems that, despite it being rather new (only 4 months old), it's worked well enough to get the attention of those much higher up than me.

About two weeks ago, I was contacted by the Regional Director, and he asked me to design, on paper, a training program for the entire region, encompassing new agents, Mentor training, and continuing education for experienced agents; essentially, to create an entirely new department reporting to the Regional Director only.

I've done that, and am somewhat satisfied with the results. It's a 15 page outline of what the Regional training program would be, complete with job descriptions, responsibility ladder, overhead costs/recovery, and vision statement.

Tomorrow, I go "interview" for the job title of Regional Director of Training. I don't believe there is anyone else interviewing, as he doesn't have the training program outline yet. I give that to him tomorrow. This could be gigantic, and the money wouldn't be bad, either (although we really have not yet discussed that...I'm sure that's coming tomorrow.)

I am not exactly nervous, but I am apprehensive. O.K., I'm nervous too. LOL...I don't expect I'll sleep well tonight.

I could use some good luck vibes, if you could spare them. This is something I've dreamt about, and had no idea it would come so quickly. I thought if it were going to happen, it would happen in about 2 years' time...boy, was I wrong.

Anyway, spare a vibe? A hug? A prayer? Some love?


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Awwwww sending you loads of luck and (((((calming))))) vibes.

Go in there and be confident, but not too confident! and you'll sail through it

Let us know how it went.
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Here's a vibe ~, a hug , and a prayer. Best wishes, Michele. You can do this!
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I'm not gonna wish you luck cause you don't need it! It sounds like you have the experience and know-how for the job. Just believe in yourself as much as we believe in you and the job in "in the bag"!

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Sending you spare vibes, hugs, prayers, and love!!
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I echo Sweets - you have the know-how and experience - you will get it for sure! Good vibes on their way to you.
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I'm sending good luck vibes your way, Michele!
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Tonnes of love and vibes coming from NZ! We know you can do it!
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Trust in your feelings Michele, i know you go to make a good work! My best wishes for you! ANIMO!
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Originally Posted by Yosemite
I echo Sweets - you have the know-how and experience - you will get it for sure! Good vibes on their way to you.
Good luck from me!
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THis sounds like the break you deserve and are well fitted for. Just be yourself, and I am sure all will go well. I wish you the very best with it.
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You'll certainly be in my thoughts, and in my prayers, Michele. We're sending lots of love your way, please keep us updated!
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How exciting Michele! You are such an amazing talent, I'm so glad the higher-ups have seen it too.

You'll do great luck or vibes or prayers or hugs needed. But of course, I'll send 'em to ya anyway.

Knock 'em dead!
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Good Luck!!!!!!
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good luck!!!!
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Lotsa vibes Michele!! And they're right: you don't need luck, because you've got the right stuff, so just go for it!! We'll be waiting with bated breath for your update.
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Thanks, everyone. I wrote up and showed the proposal to several colleagues who I know would tell me the truth; and all of them are very impressed with my ideas and my vision for the department. I believe in it, as well.

Now to just get through tomorrow with grace and style...

I really don't like stress. You know, I just don't like it. I know, odd coming from a skydiving realtor, but still...I don't like it.

I hope I can sleep tonight. If not, I'll just play with my kitties until dawn.


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Good luck vibes coming from Iowa!!!!!!!!! I know you'll do fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!
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