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What is my cat thinking, she is mommy?

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I'm really angry. My browser just closed and deleted my clipboard... along with it everything i've typed. Grrr =\\ poop.

I hope this works this time

What the heck is my cat thinking????
For as long as we've had her she has always carried around objects (usually my hair ties) as if they were her own offspring (she's spayed).. she'll play with them, carry them around, lay on them.

The most unique thing she does has been when we got this loooong tail type toy on a wand. When I leave for school, or when hubby and I both go downstairs to eat and she belives we've left, she will carry this downstairs over to a pink throw pillow (she won't do it to any other pillow) and with the thing in her mouth (like 3x her size) she will knead with all 4's on the pillow for a good 2-3 minutes. When she drops it she'll leave it on the pillow and meow really strangely!

Then, at night, she will go downstairs and get her "baby" as we call it, and drag it all the way up the stairs (clink clink clink) and bring it to our bedside, usually dropping it by our feet and meowing very oddly again!

Here's a pic we got of her in action from our cell phone!
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She is in hunter, prey mode. Just a caution, any toy with string, rope, elastic or anything the cat can chew off and swallow should not be left unsupervised around them.

What you can do to help her out, is get an interactive toy like da bird, or cat dancer. Play with her several times a day, triggering her prey, stalking and pouncing mode. Do this for about 10-15 minutes, sometimes playing hard with her, and then other times letting the toy rest (like a mouse would if it was being stalked and frightened). Always follow the end of the play time with a nice treat that she gets at no other time. Don't get her exhausted so she pants, just give her a nice safe workout, and reward her with the "prey" at the end. But please don't leave toys with strings etc on them for her to have in your absence. To many bad things can happen when cats are left with these types of tempatations-
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My cat will carry things to me when she wants to play. It doesn't matter if I'm sleeping or on the toilet. She's very vocal about wanting me to make her toy move for her. Despite how annoying it is, its kinda cute that she "asks" to play.

I'm going to take Hissy's advice and try to tucker her out a little more in the evening before I go to bed. Usually my cat comes right to bed with me and sleeps... until 5 am when she wants under the covers so she swats my face until I pick up the blanket for her. lol
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Hehehehe, what a great photo:-).

I don't know the reasons why, but I do know it is normal behaviour. I have 3 males who do the same thing but with different objects. Tristan does this with the cat dancer if I leave it on the floor. He will pick it up in his mouth and walk around carrying it while it drags behind him, often with him trying to walk on both sides of the wire. He makes this strange merow and then starts to knead on a nearby pillow or blanket still holding on to the cat dancer.

Lion and Bear both have this old velour sweater of mine plus a soft fineknit shawl/blanket that they will pick up in their mouths and carry around so that it drags behind them - the shawl is 7 feet long - then find a spot and start to knead and merow and purr. I find the shawl/blanket and the sweater all through the house so they walk quite a distance pulling it, including jumping up with it onto a bed or sofa.

The two females knead and purr on soft things - especially my fleece housecoat - but they don't seem to carry them around the house. Freija will carry around a foam ball toy or something in her mouth, but she uses her 'I've got prey" call with that, not the 'merow' that the others use.

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A cat I used to have was fond of hair scrunchies and socks. After he was finished hunting he'd leave them in his food bowl! (Come on--THAT'S intelligence..especially since I was quickly trained to find them there.)
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Tonight when we were having dinner, here comes jasmine down the stairs with her blankey\\baby...

I immediately tried to initiate playtime, especially since the other 2 weren't around and wouldn't interfere... but she essentially ignored me and went to scratch on her scratcher as she also usually does upon coming downstairs..

I have a gut instinct that this maybe a maternal or just cat thing in general she does as a way to show affection- maybe bringing us the result of her hunt? the way my old outside cat would leave rabbits and other items on the doorstep? I dont know.. she just seemed completely uninterested in her favorite toys tonight when doing this.
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I had a cat that used to carry around my daughter's teeny stuffed animals. She would meow really loudly every time she did it... it was HILARIOUS! and the other night, she found a feather pen (a pen with a big bushy feather plume) and she carried that aroudn too doing the same thing and then took it to bed with my daughter. lol!
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That is so cute I hope you can snap some pics- I plan to try to get better ones maybe with the video camera or still shots when I remember that we'll be downstairs and she'll do her routine.. The loud meowing is really weird isn't it...

We joke to Jasmine like, "Whats going on, you dont even know what you are doing do you??" heheheh
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That is so cute Chrisstie!! Our little tabby/coon Saba is new to our household by only 8 weeks now, and she's just started bringing up her favorite string during the night, so in the morning, I wake up and it's on my pillow. She is learning to play without being "on-guard" so much and it's adorable. It's one of my favorite of her traits.
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Cute pic! Wish I had one of those phones! THey are so handy for the candid pic
I don't have an answer for you, but just wanted to add that my boy loves the prey play as well..He has a fave wand toy (like cat dancer) that I tire him out with twice a day. I also heard to keep it up out of sight when unsupervised as there is a danger of them wrapping it around their necks or getting caught in it.

I put mine up high but had to change the location as Lovey realized where it was , jumped up and got it (it was out of sight up high) and came running over to me with it!!
He is determined
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