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Silly kitty sleeping spot!

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Mommy thought my perfect napping place was silly!

I don't think so, its a perfect fit!


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Awww beautiful kitty.
cute pic.
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cute cat
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I totally agree says Mischka

But my mommy agrees with yours they just don't understand do they, silly humans
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bengals love sleeping in sinks too because they love water.
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My kitty Elmo curled up in the sink the other day. I have a picture of it on my phone. What cute pics!
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That's a cool napping spot!
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My boyfriend's cat, Wriggles, totally agrees, too!

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Oh the sink pics are too cute! I just love them
My cats love the sink too but all three love curling up and sleeping in the bath too!
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Storm and Rogue are my first two kitties i've had. The sink thing struck me as so silly. Rogue has a slight water fetish to be certain, but she doesn't like getting soaked.

Every morning she jumps in the kitchen sink and begs me to turn on the water faucet so she can play in it by batting it and licking her paw when its wet. The she sticks her head in the stream of water and bites at it. Its very funny to watch. At some point she realizes that she's getting wet and she jumps out and shakes off.

Storm on the other hand avoids water unless she's drinking it from her fountain.

I'm glad to know other cats sleep in sinks too. The pictures are great.

--deb (mom to Storm and Rogue)
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No way Rogue, you're not silly at all!! My name is Radar (I'm Katherine's boyfriend's parent's cat WHEW) and I too know the joys of the sink! I think those humans are the weird ones, why don't they ever nap in those big tub things they have?!?!
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Yep....Thomas and Cooper agree also that the sink is a great place to kick back and relax!

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