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Not a cat, but a ferret

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We found one of the ferrets dead in his cage tonight, Ozzy he was a big ferret and I nicked named him Fat Boy. I have no idea what happened. He has always been strong and healthy and was happily playing last night. And I didn't think to check him earlier beacause they like to sleep in the day and come out to play at night.

I believe he passed peacefully in his sleep as there are no signs of injury , sudden illness or choking.

RIP Ozzy
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Oh, Diane! The sudden passings are truly a shock! Yes, you are probably right, maybe his heart gave out. Maybe his spirit rode out on the big storm that we've been hearing about. I wonder what the kitties across the Bridge will think when they see this big ferret come bounding over, saying, "Hey, are you part of my new cat family?? I know ALLL about cats, I come from a great cat family!".... My condolences to the rest of you left behind. Hugs from across the continent.....Susan
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RIP Ozzy
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Thanks Susan and Sandra.
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Oh, I'm so sorry, Diane. How painful it is to lose a precious baby. Extra love to you today, my friend. RIP, little Ozzy.
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That is such a lovely vision that Susan passed on I hope it helps.
Be it ferret, cat, dog or bird these little creatures are our family and the pain is just the same which ever we lose.
Take care - you are in my thoughts
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Thanks for the kind thoughts Stepanie and Alexis.

What makes it extra hard is that he was so healthy and gone a few hours later. But I bet he's at the bridge now chasing all of the kitties he wants!
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Oh Dear Diane, i`m so sorry about your loss, Poor Ozzy, RIP Sweet little one ...
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Oh Diane, I am sorry to hear this. May he RIP.
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Thanks Rigel and Sam.
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I'm very sorry you lost Ozzy, may he rest in peace.
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I had a wonderful Ferret (a duk duk cuz of the sounds she made) named stinky. She was active and healthy one day, and the next her bowels were jammed up and she wasn't going to make it. We had her put to rest, and damn it was hard.I still don't understand it,maybe its a weird Ferret thing that happens, but I just wanted you to know that my thoughts are with you. I am sorry for your loss. Ferrets are great pets, and wonderful companions.
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I am so sorry for the loss of your friend.
Ferrets are wonderful.
I had one named Tasha, although we called her Wookie. She was such a charmer and immensely fun. She got so much pleasure out of hoarding things she'd stolen from us and chasing the cats. She was also the best mouser I've ever seen and would put a cat to shame. She lived to be 8 years old and had to be put to sleep finally when she developed cancer and our vet said she'd be a poor surgery risk because of her age. I'll always remember her fondly and with a smile for the joy she brought me. My only regret was that I could not have purchased her brother as well, so she'd have had a ferret buddy who understood how she liked to play rough. The cats never quite knew how to deal with her. I think she disturbed them.
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I'm so sorry for your loss, my thoughts and prayers are with you.
RIP Ozzie
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