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I hate seeing pictures of cats outside. I always feel like they are gunna run as soon as I see them. Hubby captured these ones while he was making lunch. Mystyc is one of those free spirited cats, who really will not be owned by a human. She loves who she choses, and talks to us. She demands to be an outside cat, and after a long battle, we gave in. She's so beautiful

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She's beautiful, love the pics.
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hey that's a good place to have an outdoor cat anyway-no road probably for miles! I bet she has lots of field mouse dinners!
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Great pics, lovely cat
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wow, where do you live, if you dont mind me asking? wow, i can only imagine what all that looks like when it is all greened up and springy!
looks like a good place to sit and keep watch, she looks beautiful perched ontop of her little fence post!
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Lovely cat and lovely scenery. Thanks for sharing!
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Oh wow, stunning cat!
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I live in Wyoming. We live just outside of town. We are lucky, and unlucky to have the fields beside us. It is great because we can see town, and weather above it. It is horrible because of the mice, and the allergies.

There is an extremely busy road close by. She doesn't need to go as far as the road because she's got the fields. She leaves us gifts a lot!
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She is a beautiful girl! I'll bet she is happy with all of those wide open spaces to roam around in!
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what a lovely calico! she looks very happy outside!
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She looks so perfectly posted and with that gorgeous background...oh! Wow! You should submit those photos for a calendar or something. The combo of cute kitty and amazing scenery is way too great!
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wow, where do you live??
It looks liek youre in a movie!
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I wouldn't have believed the pics were real if I hadn't taken them off my hubbies cam myself. I was actually pleasenly shocked when I saw them. I liked them.

She is very happy outside. She was an outside cat when my parents watched here when we moved to another town. I would have kept her indoors. She loves it though. Outside is her fave.
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Beautiful Pics

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