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Thecatsite is sooo pretty now......

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...that I've got my new computer.

I just got my Mac Mini today, and oooooooooooooh It's so lovely I've been wanting a mac for aeons, however when I lived with my dad, he was more of a "not in my house, you hippie!' kinda guy when it came to what type of machine you brought home... so ... at last, out and on my own, and hubbie bought me this for V-day, and the 2 year anniversary of our first sight of eachother. It's soo nice (it's silent!! and tiny!! and fast!) I thought I'd share that info with you.. unfortunately.. now all that wonderful stuff on my old computer is just that... stuck on my old computer. :shrug: what's a girl to do?
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congrats Turtlecat! any pic of your new toy?????
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Congrats on your new toy, Denise! May you have many happy hours of
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I'm happy to share my sleek new baby.

And one of Paige being her usual graceful self
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Whoa, that is tiny, is that just the motherboard? How much does it retail? I like the looks of it!
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thats the whole thing.. It's a 40 gig hard drive and a CD burner/dvd reader. They're so great
ad it's only 6 inches by 6 inches by 2 inches tall Iâ€:censor:æß sooo cool.. (and it's dwarfed by my monitor....
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Oh congrats! It's cute!
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I didn't know pc's came in midget size. That's too cool!
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That's really cute, Denise, you must be so excited! Paige, so lovely!
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Awww.. I'm big Mac fan!
It's really cute computer!
Congrats from mac user too!
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Wow that's tiny! How do you handle typing on it???

And your Molly is absolutely adorable! Is she a Russian or British blue??? Or just a gorgeous Moggy :-)
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Congratulations!! I knew you wanted a Mac for a long time and I am so pleased that you have one now!!

I bet you can't wait to get on with some graphics work?!
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Yeah, I'm so excied about it There's a Keboard that it attaches to, for anyone wonderring, but.. I've got to say, the mac keyboard and mouse are incredibly well designed (een though the hubbie over here is complaining that macs are all wierd and you have to option click certain links... *shrugs* I just consider that one of the cute mac quirks.

Molly thanks you, by the way, and says "I am part siamese and part Maine coon, and all cute!"

But as you see, she's got a bit of mackeral in her So, we call her a high class moggy.
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That comp is way too cool... I don't think I've ever seen a computer so compact. Ahhh, technology!
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