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Why on earth???

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My two kittens, Missy and Gypsy, who are the same age (8 weeks) always do everything together. I do mean everything ! They go to the litterbox together! Why on earth would they do that??
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They're like girls in grade school. Haven't you ever noticed that girls go to the ladies' room in pairs? Must be catching! . Only kidding. I really couldn't tell you why. They must be VERY bonded.

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:LOL: What happens when they get too big to both fit in the box? Could be a problem! They truly love each other I never see one without the other. I think poor Loco, who used to have Missy's full attention, is jealous. He's getting better though. We have a chair in our living room we call the "Cat Chair" because it is seldom without a pile of fur in it. The four of them all cram themselves in one chair, usually resorting to lying on top of each other so they can all fit! Onyx takes up the most room, he weigh over 15 lbs! The kittens lie on top of him and he doesn't even notice!
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I think eventually they will grow out of it as they will get bigger. But let them have fun while they're little.

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Hey Melissa
Wait till they discover that escorting you to the toilet is more fun , I usually have 3 out of my 5 that escort me, and I tell you its not always easy to concentrate, when they are around your ankles or on your lap, or even worse, trying to investigate what you are doing
Welcome to the wonderful world of cats, I just think they are social creatures.
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It's like a contest to see who's is better!

Yeah, just wait until they decide to follow you into the bathroom and become fascinated by the flushing toilet, hoping one day you'll forget to put down the seat. Emma checks everytime and looks at me like, c'mon leave it up. I wanna see. One day I flushed her throw up down it. She of course knew what I had and followed me in there. She stayed in there for some time trying to figure out what happened to her barf!!
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I did accidently leave the lid up the other day and Gypsy decided to hop up and take a look. All I heard was 'BLOOP!' and a very wet streak of white fur came flying out of the bathroom! Gypsy has a fascination with water anyways, she likes to splash water out of her drinking bowl on the floor and run through it so she can skid around the floor.
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I think I can beat that.

How about having your cat trying to share the toilet seat while you are using it just to see what you are up to and getting a swat on the rear because he could get a good look. I have the 3 inch scratch to prove it!!

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We have two "sisters", Clem and Goose,(not genetic, but only 6 months apart) who go through phases of being inseparable.

The absolute cutest is when they go to eat at their side-by-side food dishes together, and twist their tails together like they're "holding hands". They go up and down the stairs together, looks kind of like cattle herding.

One of these two, Clementine, follows each of her two sisters to the litter box because she has to make sure they cover up. If they don't, she will. This is a good thing, since the third sister, Winnie, is pretty lazy about that.
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We have a 'litter maid' too, Gypsy always checks when one of the cats goes potty to make sure its buried deeply enough. :LOL:
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