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One-Eye: At the bridge

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My little buddy has non-regenerative anemia.
Two blood transfusions and lots of pills later, and he is laying under the coffee table breathing his last.
One-eye has two eyes. . .we just called him that instead of "pirate" because he has a white face with black fur around one eye.
He's only two years old - but he had a great life and live/d in a wonderful place.
He's a 110 percent cat. . .but he's down to his last 10 percent, probably less.
I hate loosing the little spirit.
. . . . . . . . . . . . .
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Why not make his transistion easier by asking a vet to come to your home and give him a shot to take him from the pain?
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I agree with Hissy, if you can give him this last gift! He sounds so adorable - just think, soon he will be over the Bridge, able to romp & play, and with that adorable "pirate patch", he will be surrounded by lots of boys & girls who are also able to play & romp pain free. Two years - your life together was so short! I lost a nephew when he was barely 18, so it must feel sorta the same. They are still so young, yet lived long enough for us to know their personality. I have lit a candle to help light the way for his spirit...Godspeed, One Eye! Remember, Richie C, all of us at TCS are here for you!! Hugs & more hugs! Susan, Icy, JC,Joey & Cinders
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So sorry to hear about your cat. Hugs to you in this most difficult time.
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I'm sorry about your kitty! What is wrong with him?
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I am saddened by your loss. I will tell Elmer and BooBoo to keep an eye out for him over the Rainbow Bridge where all our friends are waiting for us. Cherish the memories and as long as you remember them they will always be with you. Best wishes during your rough time.
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I am sorry you are losing little pirate One eye. There will be many to greet him at the Bridge to play and be happy. Remember him - he will always be with you
My thoughts are with you
Take care
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Hugs!!! It is so sad to loose a loved furry!
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I know it's very hard, you and one eye are in my Thoughts & Prayers
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I'm so sorry about One-Eye Take comfort in knowing that he will be well taken-care of once he crosses that bridge. His pain will be gone.
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He's still alive, barely.
This knife point in my throat, twisted face and streaming eyes limit me posting just now.
The ultimate betrayal: I will call the vet to insure that he isn't in pain.
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No, not betrayal! Just a difficult decision made by a responsible parent for their beloved furbaby. Obviously, you have done all you could to help him heal. One-eye trusts you, and if he regrets anything, it is not the release from suffering, but his instinct to stay with you in your own heartache & misery. Some people believe that those who have lived reside over the Bridge alongside those yet to be born. If this is true, just think, One-Eye may meet the cat(s) and people of your future! I thank you for having the love & courage to consider what's best for your cat. I know that these dreadful hours are devastating! Take Care, Susan
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My deep condolences Susan for your loss...
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