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Snoopy is gone

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My beautiful Snoopy, the love of my life for the past 19 1/2 years is gone. His old body just started shutting down. I knew that I probably wouldn't have a lot more time left with him, due to his age, and I have tried to prepare myself for the day he wouldn't be in my life for the past few years. Right now, I'm numb. It feels like a part of me has shut down.

I want to write a tribute to my Snoopy, but right now I'm just not up to it. I know I have been lucky to have had him in my life all of these years. He has been with me all of my adult life, and I really don't know how to live my life post Snoopy. I know that I will ALWAYS love him. He was so special, and so wonderful. I will write a tribute when I am up to it. I just hope the day comes when I will feel alive again myself. People tell me I gave Snoopy a wonderful home for twenty years, and that I brought a lot of happiness and joy into his life, but I didn't give him half as much joy and happiness as he gave me. There were times that having him near me, made my life worth living. I just pray he has a special place at the Rainbow Bridge and that I do indeed see him again.
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Hon, I saw the title in the RB headline area and just started crying, 'cause I knew it had to be you. I still think doctors should concentrate on finding a way to make our kitties live long and healthy like people! {{{{HUGS}}}} for you, 'cause I know the pain you're in, and wait until you're good and ready to write your tribute, 'cause such a special boy deserves it!
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Oh no! I'm so sorry, Snoopy always looked so sweet and I had no idea he was so close to leaving you.
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Oh, Hope, I'm so incredibly sorry you lost your precious baby. There are just no words that could ease the pain of your shattered heart. Your cherished Snoopy knows just how much you love him, and yes, you will be reunited one wonderful day. When you are ready, and only then, Hope, I know you will write a fitting tribute for your special boy. My heart is with you, and you are in my prayers.
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I am so, so sorry Hope I was praying so hard that Snoopy was going to be ok. I am holding back tears as I type this because I hate so much that you have to go through this. I wish I could change the outcome for you. You gave Snoopy the best life he could have known, with lots of love and joy. I know he did the same for you. I know that he has a very special place there at the RB and I know that he is going to jump right into your arms the day you are reunited. Until then, you have a sweet angel watching over you. He is always going to hold a special place in your heart
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Oh no!!!!! Hope sweetie nothing can prepare you for losing something that you cherish so much such as your beloved Snoopy!

I pray that i have Rosie and Sophie for a long time like you did with Snoopy

I just can't think of anything else apart from how much your in my thoughts right now and you know were all here for you!.

Eva(Eva-loves-Cats) sends her love and will post for you later.

RIP Snoopy, go chase those butterflies
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Hope honey, saying I'm sorry sounds so simple, but I truly truly am. I had two dogs for 17 years that I thought I'd die with them when they passed on. The feeling that your feeling now is very painful, but as time goes on, you'll celebrate the time you had with Snoopy and less and less the time you don't have him. How I wish someone could make our pets live longer. Snoopy knows you love him and he definitly has a special spot at the rainbow bridge....no doubt about it. We're all here for you Honey.....remember that!
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Oh Hope....I too started crying as soon as I saw the title. to you in this horrible time. No matter how much time we do have with those we love it is never long enough to show them the love we have for them in our hearts.

Snoopy IS at the Rainbow Bridge, and he watches you with love in his heart until you will meet again. He carries a bit of your heart with him, just as you carry so much of him within your own heart and soul.
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Dearest Hope

I am very sorry regarding the loss of your precious Snoopy....
Remember all of the good times that you had with him. And he is at
the Bridge playing with his little friends and watching over his mommy
which is You.... We and your mommy will never forget you Snoopy.. For
you lived a very long time. And in your long life made a lot of friends.

RIP dear Snoopy
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20 is indeed a good long life for a cat and is a testament to your care and devotion that you gave this wonderful animal.

I am so sorry for your loss- and the ache does get easier to bear over time. Just give yourself time to mourn and know that you will meet again-
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
Hope honey, saying I'm sorry sounds so simple, but I truly truly am. I had two dogs for 17 years that I thought I'd die with them when they passed on. The feeling that your feeling now is very painful, but as time goes on, you'll celebrate the time you had with Snoopy and less and less the time you don't have him. How I wish someone could make our pets live longer. Snoopy knows you love him and he definitly has a special spot at the rainbow bridge....no doubt about it. We're all here for you Honey.....remember that!

I couldn't have said it any better.

Hope, it's sooooooo hard. It seems that you will never get over it. I don't know if you had pets as a child, but somehow (at least for me) it was harder to let go of the ones that chose to join me when I was an adult and on my own. I've had four since I've been married that went to the RB . One was too young - only ten. The rest were 15, 20 and 17. While it feels right now that your world is falling apart, I promise the hurt will get duller over time. You have to know that nearly 20 is an amazing age and it is a tribute to how well you took care of your Snoopy. I wish I could do something to make you feel better. All I can do is send tons of hugs to you.
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I'm so sorry you lost your Snoopy
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I am so sorry for your loss. I like you recently lost a long time friend and know the pain that comes with even the happy memories. Surely they are all playing together until we join them and knowing they have no pain now is a small consulation for missing them. My thoughts are with you in your time of sadness and I hope you are soon able to remember the good times without feeling too sad.
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My Heart goes out to you, I know the pain you must be feeling, you and snoopy and the rest of you family are in my thoughts and prayers
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Oh, Hope, I am so very sorry. There will be nothing I can say to make it hurt less, so I silently send you my love, and my reassurances that he is a happy Snoopy, healthy and hearty, playing in endless sun at the rainbow bridge.

Much love to you-
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Hugs going out to u and heart to so sorry
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Thank you for your kind words, everyone. I'm really feeling down right now. I think it's really starting to set in. I appreciate your kind words. Now I understand why people who have had major losses in their lives, just want to crawl in bed and stay there. I loved my Snoopy so very much.
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Oh no Hope, my eyes too are filled with tears - Tears because Snoopy is gone but also tears that Snoopy led such a wonderful life. I am so sorry for your loss Hope.
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I am so sorry...it would be so wonderful if their bodies would just hold up like their spirits do, for many more years than they do.

Snoopy will be waiting for you, and I'd like to think Joshua has met him, and shown him the way to the butterfly fields.

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It isn't easy to lose a baby at any age. I'm glad you have your other babies to help the healing. Just don't get their fur too wet from the tears.
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Dear Hope, I'm so sorry for your loss of Snoopy. Our deepiest sympathies and condolences.

You indeed gave him 20 wonderful years of life and you both enjoyed every minute of your time together. I too have lost a dear feline friend last July and the pain is still there but not as bad. You will always have his memories to live by and to remember and he will appreciate it very much.

He will be waiting for you and watching over you and your family. Please take care and feel free to talk to any of us when you feel up to it.

RIP Snoopy. Be free and chase butterflies.
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My heart goes out to you! RIP Snoopy!
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So sorry to hear that Snoopy went to the bridge. It is going to be a while before you start feeling back to normal and even then you will always miss him, but it will get easier with time, and someday you will be reunited with him at the bridge, I hope that helps alittle. It was about the only thing that helped me when I lost my precious Butch. Take as much time as you need for his tribute. I know how hard it is and I am praying for you now and sending cyber hugs.
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Hope, I am so sorry to hear about your beloved Snoopy. Our oldest cat to pass over the RB was 21. When they are with us that long they become such a vital member of the family. You will certainly be in my thoughts. RIP sweet Snoopy
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I am so sorry to read this Hope. Your beloved Snoopy gave love and had it returned 100 fold. This is a sad and desperate time for you but you will remember Snoopy always full of joy. From kittenhood to senior years is a precious gift few of us receive.
You are in my thoughts.
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Heartfelt sympathy to you on this loss. When I lost Sheba at 17 I thought my heart would break. Nothing can prepare you for it. May he rest in peace at the Bridge and may your ache get less as time goes by.
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Hope, I'm so terribly sorry. I do understand how you're feeling, and the only consolation I can offer is that the pain eases with time, and you will be reunited.
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Hope, I was very sad to read about Snoopy. I had been thinking of him so much since your original post about him not doing well... His picture and your words about him just make my heart ache. I know this is so awful and so difficult for you right now. All of us who have been where you are now know the pain you feel. Try to remember you gave Snoopy two great gifts: a long life, and most important, the knowledge that he was truly loved.
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Hope, I'm sorry to hear about Snoopy. I know how much you loved each other. Peace to the both of you.
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oh Hope, I am so so so sorry. I had no idea, just long hours and some very-self centered behavior on my part not to see this post sooner. I am so sorry for your loss of your guy. I do know how that feels after such a companion and love has been by your side. It can take a long time. You feel so numb and so hollow inside and nothing can make it better sometimes.....just a lot of time and your other beautiful guys to give you comfort. It took me a long time to even come to grips with losing SiSi, that she wasn't coming back -- about a year. And everyone heals in their own way. Undoubtedly, what you did, just like it was said above, is provide such a wonderful home and he left this realm knowing that, he really did. Your others do too. Maybe soon, they'll transmit a message or a sign to you my dear that he's just over your shoulder as an angel. You were and are a fine mom and he had the very best.
I am so sorry,
(RIP Freddie 11/9/03 and SiSi, never forgotten 2003)
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