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Nighttime annoyance

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I got Monti about three months ago from the shelter. He's 3 years old and has been a wonderful cat. From the beginning he has meowed in the night but has tappered off some, plus I got ear plugs and could then sleep through the night. Within the last two or three weeks though Monti has started kneading me in the night (he is usually a big kneader, no alarm there) but if I try to pet him when he is in this certain nighttime kneading mode he dodges my hand and lets out a meow that seems to be saying "please don't" in addition, if i move to roll over or change positions he attacks my head. I don't know what he's doing?! He only does this to me, not my boyfriend. I have to shoo him off the bed a few times before he stops (but will usually come back a few hours later.) I would like to sleep through the night and figure out what's the matter with him. He's completely fine during the day time.
Any thoughts?
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Welcome! wish I could help out but my kittys are not allowed on the bed it is a waterbed so a big NONO & the ONLY place they do not have run of. I am sure others here can help out. Best of luck!
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I would suggest keeping him out of the bedroom at night. Can you close the door if it has one? Perhaps find him some interactive toys to keep him busy during the night hours as well. If you can't keep him out, then try to teach him not to be on the bed and provide a better spot for him in the room. Just some suggestions, good luck.
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I agree with Cirque. I'd keep him out of the bedroom--if you don't have a bedroom door, contain him elsewhere.

I had a male cat who got randomly aggresive (attacking my head at times--which is what brought this to mind) about a month and a half after I moved from my house, where he was allowed outside, to my flat, where he wasn't. He was so unhappy that I had to rehome him with a friend who would let him go outside again. Could that be coming in to play here?
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Welcome to TCS! If you would like a better nights sleep I would keep them out of the bedroom!
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I should have mentioned in the original thread that I live in an efficiency apartment and thus have one huge room and my bed serves basically as my couch, study area, tv watching area and sleeping area....i have a closed off bathroom but would feel absolutely villianous keeping him in there at night. Perhaps a more spacious place would solve the problem, but isn't in the cards right now. I might add that it isn't a necessarily aggressive attack of the head but rather a clinging attack....thanks for the suggestions.
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