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New Rescue Need to vent Newbie

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Ok I admit I’m neurotic but brought home new rescued kitty two days ago (unknown age – maybe two) who was spayed on about Feb. 22. She (Sophie) is at least part maybe full Maine Coon – I always had ally cats or Persians before so I don’t understand their style. She immediately bonded to me – at the rescue place she begged to be taken home so of course she came home. Also have two dogs and another cat. My biggest worry is that she sleeps all the time and is not very energetic - she is eating fine and drinking and using litter box. She even ate with the dogs lying down outside her door separated only by a baby gate. She has twice "rushed" the dogs hissing and spitting but they fled (she was behind the baby gate at the time). She has explored other rooms though she is currently staying in only two rooms - a day room and a night room - in the morning and evening I let her explore with the dogs and other cat locked up. She is scared of my blow dryer. She lays on her back and lets me pet her under the chin and she stays by me all the time either on the bed or on the couch as I work on the computer. Does anyone think there is anything wrong with this picture. Is she just sleeping because she is recovering from surgery and being out in the cold and then in the shelter in a cage. Thanks - I signed up after reading all the answers here and everyone seems nice.
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She sounds fine and like she is adjusting. Sounds like she needs some introduction to the dogs though so they will be friends and not hate each other. Cats can sleep a lot, especially during the day. Is she up at night while your sleeping perhaps since cats are generally nocturnal?
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Thanks for answering. No she sleeps all night in bed with me though we do get up a little early - like 6 am - she seems to wake me up about then. The two hissing attacks on the dogs were an accident - logistics are something of a nightmare -jumping over baby gates and keeping doors closed etc. while carrying coffee etc. I am keeping the dogs and other cat apart for at least a week though when I am around and all is calm I use the baby gate so that she gets used to who is barking and whose collar is jingling etc. I'm just worried that she is lethargic but I guess she just wore herself out at the rescue place and maybe now she feels safe. She is curious about the dogs and cat - her ears perk up when she hears their jingles. Right now she is sound asleep and on the other side of the baby gate is a snoring dog. Liz
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Maine Coons generally bond with 1 person as their object of devotion.

As for her energy level, keep an eye on her. Since she just got out of the shelter, sometimes things show up a few days later. Like colds etc.
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Have you taken her a to a vet just to be checked out? Sounds like the shelter spayed her? But I always tell anyone with a rescued kitty that it is best to take them to a vet you know and trust. Shelter kitties get exposed to a lot of nasty things sometimes.
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I know, I am worried that she might be sick. As you can see, I am watching her closely. I just had to put my old cat to sleep last Friday so I am a nervous wreck that this cat is sick. But she is eating just fine and drinking. Boy does she look cute when she sleeps - but she doesn't sleep like the cats I'm used to - she is way more relaxed in her posture.
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Thanks she came from a shelter where my sister is on the board - it is unbelievably well run - she has been checked for everything, feline leuk etc. she has been wormed and otherwise been checked out by the vet. All new cats there are kept separated for a certain period so they don't bring in anything to the rest of the cats some of whom have been there over a year. They said we should take her in in three weeks to our own vet for further worm tests etc. They said that she was healthy. This is a non kill shelter that looks like the Hilton - they have a budget of over a million. They have people who come in and play with all the cats every day etc. Thanks for answering - still she could have caught something. Liz
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