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what's your cat's favourite food?

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I am not talking about what the best food is nutritionally, just curious about what your cat loves to eat when it comes to cat food, not human food we may share ;D
It may be something you wish they didn't prefer because it's not so healthy and you probably don't give it to them often/ever, but i just wanted to know what has the best flavour to the kitties. Is it the ever dreaded Whiskas? Iams? Science Diet? or do they actualy prefer Wellness? Innova? etc. etc.
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Jamie loves a European cat food consisting of 74% human grade meat or fish, 1% natural rice, and 25% spring water. It's called "almo nature". The producer is registered in Italy, but most of the food is actually canned in Thailand or Uruguay. It's pretty expensive - USD .70 to 1.00 for a 3-ounce can, with an average-sized cat requiring two to three cans a day. He also loves "Solid Gold" canned and dry, and Eukanuba "lamb & liver" or Felidae dry.
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My Zoey seems not to like canned cat food much.. I get her to eat Merrick and Nutro about 1/2 a teaspoon a day...
My Kandie really like Nutros veal pate.... she is going to be 17 in june ....she used to eat friskies
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felidae wins paws down in our house.
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The one flavor of canned food that I can get all of my cats to eat is the 9-lives tuna.
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Seamus loves the Nutra brand Chicken Caccitore flavor. And he prefers diced, sliced, or chunked vs pate varieties. He also likes Fancy Feast. He does not like beef flavored foods. I tried the Nutra Beef Ragout flavor and he turned his nose up.

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Out of my 4 (Milo only spends weekends with me) I have hard time finding a flavor that all 4 of them will eat, it is kind of frustrating.
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They love their Royal Canin Persian and they love fresh beef and venison.
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If we are talking canned food, it's Active Life...most of the flavors, though Patrick likes the ground pate ones best.

Dry food, they seem to love their current food which is nutro natural choice complete care weight management.
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Dry Chicken Soup for the Catlovers Soul and canned Eagle Pack...all of them go nuts over these.
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mine like fishermans catch from Friskies, now n then they get a can, only canned they eat
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My cat loves tuna, doesn't seem to matter what brand. Either the Friskies in the Purple pack or my tuna.
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Proplan Chicken with gravy - they seem to like the proplan more consistently than any of the other premium foods. Anything with chicken and salmon seem to be appreciated by all 5 of them. I do know that they prefer the taste of the non-premium foods over the premium, however, so a lot of time the food sits in their dish and then gets thrown out un-eaten:-(.

Dryfood - we have a mix of W/D, Eukanuba, Authority and Royal Canin or Proplan - different ones for different cats (weight loss/hairball/senior) - but they don't stick to to their own always - ah well. They are all alert, energetic, healthy, with soft and shiny coats and clear eyes, and only one of them is overweight (Tristan).

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I can't get any of my cats to touch Friskies brand, even the strays that I feed won't eat Friskies.
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They all seem to really prefer the Nutro natural choice between that and Iams, but I am noticing that the nutro canned food is not as well recieved (Paige and Ghibli eat them, but molly only laps the gravy) They all suck up the petguard brand pate style wet food, no matter the flavor- and even Molly circles and meows for it, where she used to not beg for food. Ghibli has even climbed me to get to the petguard as I prepare it (I mix in a TSP of organic meat baby food that's already got 1 capsule of lysine- It seems to keep them all healthier, though it's really intended for ghibli- he seems to have a bit of a sensitive immune system, though he 's not got anything to indicate a weakness in the immune system, vis a vis feleuk/ herpes/ fiv- He's been tested and his parents have been as well.. *shrug*) They love it!
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Buddy will eat anything you put infront of him. He doesn't seem to have a favourite...although there was that one time I gave him some Merrick Turducken as a treat (He's still on kitten food) and he gobbled it down.

Nya is a VERY fussy eater. It took me a long time to find something she liked. Luckily it's good for her! Her favourite is the Wellness Turkey, or Chicken and Beef wet foods (I have her on a wet diet, which I prefer nutritionally, but she wouldn't touch dry if I tried anyway!)
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They both go nuts for the junk food, especially Whiskas. A few days ago, I got them some Whiskas Temptations (I don't see anything wrong with getting junk food treats, since they aren't eating it on a regular basis), and Buffy has already tore the bag open. And when I give her the treats, she doesn't seem to chew: she just inhales and begs for more. Same thing with Willow, though she actually chews the food and won't start crying when Buffy steals her kibbles.
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Adia loves Nutro MaxCat - Beef and Egg Skillet , Savory Hunter's Stew with Duck , and the chicken casserole.
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Sierra's favorite "treat" food is Merrick's New England Boil.
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Kioko is very picky, and unfortunately the only thing she really loves is Fancy Feast, which she only gets when I run out of the good stuff and the pet stores are closed. With other foods she'll only eat seafood, but she'll eat any flavor of Fancy Feast with gusto.
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Well since I have started the homemade diet ... raw hambuger is a fave and hold your stomachs... chn with clams and tuna.. Evan the younger cat and the dog are eating well I might add... ohh yes and liver Kandie likes hers medium rare...
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Jessie loved Senior Science Diet and her two treats of canned friskies everyday. Punkin liked kitten chow only.
Salem and Spook are eating Kitten Science Diet but only until I get them switched to something else. I think I am getting either the Nutro or the Innova. That's thanks to all these threads I have read!!! Otherwise I wouldn't know any better.
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Once a friend brought over all her extra supplies when her cat passed away...and yes, the cat was 21 years old and ate store brand junk all his life...both her cats lived past 20 on this diet...anywho, DELI CAT, my 20lb male dove into the bag like nothing else...acted like he was on a carb high for days.

This is a cat that won't touch any meat, etc...he loved this food. lol
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My cats will woof down Innova (canned & dry), and tolerate Natural Balance (Ultra Formula) and Felidae.

As for treats, they LOVE LOVE LOVE Kitty Kaviar and Kookamunga Catnip Treats (Salmon flavor only) and Pit'r Pats. They get a little piece of fresh tuna 1-2 times a month.
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Tigger will NOT have anything to do with liver. Period. He will not touch anything with liver in it. He also doesnt like the patte stuff, it must be sliced with gravy. (funny side note, he caught a lizard and ate all of it but the liver and entrails, i guess he doesnt like fresh liver either.) He eats 9 lives or friskies wet, sliced turkey with gravy flavor. He eats Iams adult dry food. Mom used to feed him friskies, and I told her to read the ingredients and at least the first three things listed need to be meat, pref. not by products. She has since switched him a couple of months ago and his coat is much softer..

CJ eats only iams, 1 packet of wet at night, he wont eat anything in a can, and free fed 1 cup of dry a day. His most favorite thing of all though are these kitty breath mints (they smell like horrible vitamins, and i am not sure how much they freshen his breath). He goes nuts. He is pawing at the little tin to get me to open it quicker, and he will accidently bite my finger trying to get his little nose in the tin to steal a little extra fish shape mint. They are called pitter-pat, 2.00 dollars u.s. for a tin, they are at petsmart and petco, and even at bed bath and beyond!

In the first post someone said iams and i got the feeling that it isnt a very good food. Both my cats eat it and have clean bills of health, so I am just wondering if its really that bad.
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Whiskas kitten food...... I'm really going to have to wean them off that when Jazzie's a bit bigger, the boys are way too big now to be living on kitten food but every 'grown up' brand I try offering, they all go and eat the kitten food with Jazzie.....
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Hershey LOVEs Fancy Feast.. I hate to see him eat it it's not a very good food. I mix Wellness wet to get him to eat something good. He also LOVEs Chicken Soup for the Kitten Lovers Soul which is a good food. I wish he would eat plain Wellness wet without Fancy Feast in it.. but he's spoiled...
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Dexter & Sadie's main food is dry "Nutro Natural Choice Complete Care Wt. Mgmt." but every morning they wake me up for their treat. Same brand...they share one packet, in 2 little bowls, of wet "Chicken & Liver Chunks in Gravy." They go nuts for it. I love to watch them gobble it down then do their morning grooming while I have my coffee. It is a great way to start my day.
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Milo's absolute favorite cat food is Friskies canned junk, any flavor, but especially the ones that smell really strong and fishy. Pixie likes the fancy Merrick canned foods, esp. the surf and turf. She's got more refined tastes than the baby I guess, lol.
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Any fishy fancy feast. However a close second are thos N-Bone chew treats.
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