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Very worried, cat has blockage. Need good thoughts

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I just got into work after dropping Snickers off to the Vet. He has gone into a very FAST downward slide. I took him to the ER Vet yesterday because I noticed he was having a lot of trouble peeing (he is neutered, 14 yrs old). Snicky has never to my knowledge had any issues with peeing. He just came to live with me 6 months ago from my ex-husband's house. Anyway, Snicky started 'hunching' and acting like he was in pain; then he'd dribble a little pee out and lay down. Snicky usually follows us humans around or lays & plays with his brothers.... but Snicky, this time, found a corner and just curled up and laid there barely moving, doing that butt-hunching thing. I could tell he was in pain which was why I took him to the ER Vet.

So yesterday the ER Vet told me Snicky did NOT have a blockage in his penis. They said, he peed all over and he is fine; he MIGHT have an infection. So I took my paperwork (this was late yesterday) and planned to hit the regular Vet this morning. Well they couldn't see Snickers until 10:30. Talk about a long dang 2 hour wait. Snicky was miserable and I am worried to pieces.

So we get in and of course, he has a blockage. Snickers by this time was REALLY listless. Not moving much and just staring ahead; still hunching his back and arching his furry tail but of course nothing came out. Vet finally got to me and she showed me the 'crystals' that came out of his penis. Sorry to be graphic but that's what happened.

The Vet said: he is very sick, this is NOT common in older cats; he MUST have had this happen in his youth? Well no, he's never had this issue, I know my ex never ever took Snicky to the Vet, and if Snick my had ever had a blockage like THIS? He'd have died within 48 hours!

The Vet said, you have two options right now: either let us cath him and remove the blockage, get his urine going again and put an IV in to rehydrate him; OR you can put him to sleep.

WELL I just about fell through the floor. I said, he is only 14. She said, that is somewhat old for a cat and well he is extremely ill, I won't lie. She said, his urine that we tested has protein and white blood cells in it, which means, infection. And well looking at Snicky laying there listless duh, anyone can tell he's sick; but I pulled Zorro through a similar incident 2 yrs ago and he is a strapping healthy boy.

Snickers is smaller ( 10 lbs ) and older and well, at the ex's house, he was picked on (the ex used to hit him). But I don't think it broke his spirit, Snickers is VERY LOVING and sweet and just chock full of life, has a great, funny personality.

I'm really scared, don't know what else to do besides sit here and panic and worry. The fact she gave me option 1 and option 2 scares the life out of me. If the infection has gone into his blood stream, and he's as frail as 'they' think he is? Am I going to have some seriously bad news coming to me?

Is 14 years old THAT OLD in a cat????

I just got Snickers back into my life and I cannot bear the thought of losing him again, like I lost him in the divorce 9 yrs ago. My Ex won't speak to me and probably wouldn't give a crud anyway about Snickers so I don't have anyone to vent / cry to. My daughter is worried but like any typical 8 yr old, she is more worried about school, Disney and friends.

Someone please just tell me that a 14 yr old cat will pull through this and live longer?????
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Oh how sad for you and Snickers and all the rest. I hope Snickers pulls through this. Yes, 14 is fairly old, but I have also seen cats reported to be 25 that were extreamly happy and well, although that is beyond average. Snickers and you will be in my thoughts and prayers as you face this rough time. Best of luck to you both.
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well, we are certainly sending you and Snickers tons of good vibes and happy, get well thoughts!!
He knows his Mommy loves him, and I bet it will pull him through
Please post updates on him if you have a chance!!
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I'm sorry, but your vet sounds like a real jerk.

Hans is 14 years old. I rescued him from being put to sleep at the shelter back in September when his owners ditched him. In December he developed bladder stones (first diagnosed as a bladder infection). In mid January he had surgery to remove his little pile of stones (they were all about the size of poppyseeds.) My vet actually told me not to consider his age when thinking about the surgery, because 14 isn't that old. Other than the bladder stones, he was healthy (well, minor arthritis). There's not much of a danger these days from putting an older cat under anesthesia, because the technology has changed. My biggest concern was the cost, but I finally realized that he could live another 4 years if we took care of this little problem, and I figured that 4 years was worth the price.

Also, most cats don't develope stones or crystals until they get into their teens, and vets aren't sure why. Do a little online research. It will probably help answer your questions.

Also, you might want to see if he's a candidate for a type of stone and crystal removal called Hydropropulsion. You'll have to find a vet who does it though, because from what I've understood it's kinda new. What happens is in cases where the stones/crystals are small enough to fit through the urethra with a little help, a cat can be sedated, and then a catheter is used to force water into the bladder, and by manually expressing the bladder the stones/crystals are forces out. In other words - no cutting, which in an older cat means quick healing. It also costs about half as much as a traditonal bladder surgery. Hans was back to normal in three days, though he did dribble a little for a week after that. It's been a month and a half, and he's been wonderful and healthy. I was also told that while it could reoccur it would be unlikely, and that keeping him on a special food to stabilze the pH of his urine would help even more.
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Oh I wish I had a crystal ball and could promise but I can't.

I can just share that my Tyler, who is older than your cat, was found to have bladder stones this past Summer (and we had to deal with a bladder infection). He had them surgically removed, but blocked within 2 weeks postop, due to a free floating blood clot that settled in such a way as to block any urine exiting the bladder. He was in the hospital for several days, recovered, and is doing very well with his dietary changes. Tyler doesn't look or act his age, and it most certainly was not his time.

You'll have to make that difficult decision based on what your cat is telling you, but don't give up because the vet says 14 is old, only if there is nothing to be done. Tyler fwiw, tolerated being cathed and on iv's very well.

I wish your fellow all the best, please keep us posted,
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I have to update everyone!!!

Last night the Vet called me at 6pm to give a 'final update' on the day, before they left. She was very solemn and told me that Snickers should be up and moving about, yet he was just laying there staring ahead. She said, he is way too lethargic, even after 6 hours of having his urine free-flowing (via catheter) and having an IV rehydrating him.

She said to me, I am preparing you for the worst; we are leaving here tonight and I have to be honest; I don't think he will turn around and it looks grim. She told me she is telling me this so I will not be shocked when the call comes in the morning to say Snickers has passed on. Well I tell you I just lost it, I couldn't even say goodbye to this woman! I sat there and cried for I know 2 hours solid. My daughter knows what's going on. Emmy made a get well card for Snickers and signed it, "Hammie, Zorro, Miss Jessie, K.C. & Dusty". Emmy kept saying, "do you think he is coming back?". I told her, YES I do, but the Vet says he might not.

I had so many thoughts rolling through my head it was just horrible. Snicky and I were just reunited a few months ago and it would be the most awful irony to lose him again, so soon. Dusty, who came to me with Snickers, fell asleep on my chest last night. I couldn't help but to lay there & cry, and once again Dusty was by my side the whole night (she can tell when I'm worried or sick).

My cell phone rang just as I was taking my exit this morning to come to work. I'd already dropped off Emmy to school. I ALMOST drove to the Vet's office just to get an answer in person; but I thought, no, I know they do their surgeries in the morning & I don't want to seem crass like I'm the only human there with a pet who is sick. So, I kept on going & when the phone rang, it was the Vet. She sounded really happy and well once again I started crying. I didn't wear make up today because I figured, I'd cry it all off anyway so why bother? She said, your little man did a turnaround! She told me Snicky is purring, rubbing on her, standing up and keeps 'chirping'. He chirps in this really high pitch tone when he wants to get your attention!

She said they are going to try to remove the catheter around 4pm today and I'm welcome to stop by to see him. She told me Snicky has to pee on his own, eat good & have a BM before they can let him go. I told her, do whatever you have to, I want my Snicky feeling better!

So it is looking UP. I did prepare myself for the worst. I brought another box of tissues in my car this morning and stayed in the slow lane which is odd for me, just in case the Vet called and said "the worst". I hate to sound like such a sap, but these past 2 months have been so hard on me. First my sickness which zapped the life right out of me... I did NOT cry, even when I was in horrible pain and missed feeling 'good'. I did NOT cry even while my daughter was in a 2-hour long (very long!) heart surgery. They say you have to be strong for others when others can't be, right? Well I have a hard time doing that when it comes to pets; first off, pets cannot tell you when they are in pain or what feels wrong. Kids can, and us humans can. But pets sure can't.

So anyway all the crying I've held in over the past 2 months is finally coming barrelling out. I will update again once I see my lovely Snickers tonight. I do not think 14 yrs is old at all. Some people might argue with that. Snick is a nutcase who attacks corners of walls, runs around from room to room just because he feels like it, will dig at the bottom of the bathroom door IF he doesn't make it in with ya in time! And he's just about the most loving lap-cat I've ever known. Well I could go on and on about how much I love the lil guy but I just wanted to let everyone know, a miracle happened, and Snickers is doing much better.

He should be coming home Thursday. As long as he pees & eats okay, which I'm sure he will. Can't wait to see him tonight!
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I just caught this thread and just had to tell you how happy I am that Snickers is doing better!
Your vet sounds like she doesn't have the best social skills. She probably thought she was doing what was best but it just worried you terribly. I know that a lot of people would rather put the animal to sleep than spend over $300 on a pet (my mom being one of them) and she probably has gotten used to offering that as an option, even though to those of us who could only consider that in the direst of circumstances it's hard to even hear.
At any rate, I hope Snickers is back and cuddling with you soon.
Like humans, some cats feel their age more than others. 14 is not old for some, and for others, it's ancient.
Good luck!
Dev & Crew
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Oh such good news!

I too was surprised that your vet would leave you hanging like that with such a blunt statement - even just saying it could still go either way would have been preferable than telling you she didn't think he would make it!

You have certainly had a decade's worth of cares in a very short time - it sounds like you needed this good cry to release all of that sad worried energy. I am so glad that Snickers is doing well and will send lots of positive energy that he continues on a full and uneventful road to recovery. It sure sounds as if you are both good for each other.

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Oh, I know so well how it is to prepare yourself for the worst, when the vet has told you there is almost no chance. I am so glad for you and I hope hte news continues to be good. Way to go, Snickers!
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Personally, I would get another vet next time. Not much you can do now with Snick in her care. As a cat enters into the double digets, their organs begin to slowly break down. Just like ours do when we enter into your late senior years. The organs loose the ability to function normally and it is common for older cats, especially males to develop kidney stones and other problems including crystals. The older the cat, the bigger the risk as they can develop stones that can be life-threatening.

One thing you want to do when Snicks comes home is to increase his fluid intake if you can. Look into the drinkwell pet fountains, those units can encourage cats to drink more water. Good luck with Snick. I just don't have much patience with some vets I guess.
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I am so very happy for you at this improvement, and hope your Snickers will be home with you again very soon, and continue to do better and better.
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I hope Snickers will be much happier at home, this is good news!
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