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Ear mite cream

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I'm using Mitaclear on Emma's ears. The vet said there's no live mites but there's eggs. I'm only using it once a week. Well, holding her and getting that cream in is a battle. She immediately shakes her head and fights me. She gets so scared and mad that she's actually drooling. Poor thing! I don't know if I'm even getting the cream in there enough because she shakes it everywhere! What can I do? Any suggestions?
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and scary to watch sometimes. I finally talked with my vet because my cats had so many ear mites and nothing was working-so- he told me to drop one drop and no more of advantage into their ears once a week for 3 weeks. I have never had any problem with ear mites since, and they didn't drool, scratch or rub their ears either. But it was very important my vet stressed to only put one drop down in each ear and rub gently then leave them alone. Talk to your vet and see if he agrees with this. But all my cats (and I have many) are now ear mite free.
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You can also ask the vet about the revolution. It goes on the back of the neck like advantage, only Revolution treats ear mites over the course of 30 days. It goes on once and then you will just have to clean the ears every so often.
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