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Soft Stool

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My new kitty Dora moved in with us about a month ago. When she first moved in I noticed her stool was very soft. I at first attributed it to nerves, as I did her gassiness. But it has been a month and though the farting is less frequent her stool still seems very soft. (at least I think it is hers cause the 2 kitties share a box) She shows no behavioral signs of feeling sick and is a very playful and loving kitty. I am feeding her Nutro kitten wet food twice a day, she wont eat dry food.

Does anyone have any ideas what this could be? I'd rather avoid taking her to the vet if possible she isn't good with feild trips.
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how old is she?
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She's about 7 months old now. I e-mailed her foster mom to see if she noticed anything before she came, trying to see if it is a new problem or an old one.

I love your cat naming scheme btw! LOL
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Good luck finding out what the problem is. Sometimes its diet, stress, worms, illness.. I hope you find out its nothing serious.
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i asked her age because Cable is having the same problem - she's 6 1/2 months. when i first got her, the vet said it was normal for kittens to have soft stools, but i would've thought she'd've grown out of this by now. but since yours hasn't, maybe it's still normal.
thanks for the compliment! it all started with Pixel - i saw the name in a book & loved it, but had 2 kitties so had to come up w/another appropriate name, thus Mouse. then i was stuck with continuing w/Cable!
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Oh that is very comforting! I was sure she was going to have some horrible disease. Maybe it is a grey tabby thing, Dora looks just like your Cable. I'll probably still get it checked out, but I hope it is a "normal" thing.

We're doing a theme too Shinobi means spy in japanese and Dora is short for Kodora which means little tiger . The second one was much harder to come up with.
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cute names!
let me know what the vet says - i was thinking of taking Cable tomorrow, but she seems to feel just fine - i'm more upset than she is, 'cause i have to clean the soft poopy off the rake on the littermaid!
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