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It's snowing here...LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW
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It just started lightly snowing here... *sigh*.
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Originally Posted by SharonKay

OK you stupid big bad Noreaster!!! I bought extra cat food and everything because YOU said you were going to give me 6-10 inches of snow starting after midnight!

Midnight = no snow
4 am = no snow
6 am = no snow so I have to go to work
8 am = a little bit of snow, tsk.
10 am = it has actually STOPPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to go HOME!! Puuuuhhhhlease do a snow dance for me!!!!

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You can have my snow that fell today along with the Ice. Was dreadful when ya do cat rescue. I did get the cat.
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you can have our snow too!! Ive been stuck in the house all day... grrr I did take shadow out to play for a bit on his leash and he had a ball until he got too cold.. hehe finnegan refused to go out. He hates being cold so he just waited for shadow to bring some snow in the house so he could eat it.. haha
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Sharonkay, all your snow is here, In Iowa!!!!!! It's been snowing all day!!!!!
I hate snow!!!!!!!! You can come and get it all!!!!!!!! It's cold, windy and nasty too!!!!!
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We had been forcast to possibly get snow, but fortunately it has all stayed in western NC!
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come to Russia-Moscow.
Oh..here many snow today!
and cold(-13 degree)
I don't like cold and snow. I like spring
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