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i've frontlined Maverick and flea treated the house. How do i know if the fleas have really gone?
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Not really sure Nicky?!, although theres combes you can buy for them.

When Rosie was a kitten i found one on her and did what you did with Frontline and sprayed the house but after that i never really checked her.
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if i combed her would it rub off the frontline or is it safe to do?
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Have you been given the frontline that goes on in a 3 monthly dosage?.

If thats the one i would wait until the last dosage was given then wait a few weeks.
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we got the once a month for six months stuff.

maybe it will be enough to keep treating her once a month?
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I had 3 of those pippet things that i had to give once a month. Start combing her after about 3 months but when the fur is dry.
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If when you comb your cat you find black specks in the loose fur that comes out on the brush/comb, lay the specks on a damp tissue. If the specks stain the tissue red, they are flea poops, and the likelihood is that your cat still has fleas - although, using frontline will usually stop the little beasties. If no black specks in the fur, then you have probably got rid of the fleas!

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she's just a flea magnet, i dont know hows shes catching them! my brothers friends all have pets so i think they must be smuggling themselves in on thier clothes.

treated the house again so i *think* shes flea free.
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Nicky what spray are you using in the house?. I bought one from my vet called "Stay Kill or No Kill"??? and once sprayed along the skirting boards in every room it lasts for a year.
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the wilkinsons own brand as it was all i could find in a hurry a few months back!

i know my bedroom is flea free. my boyfriend is like flea litmus paper, if theres so much as one flea in the room it will home in on him and bite!

maybe i should spray my brothers friends before they come in
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I always give them a dose of flea solution after they've been to the vets, just in case!!
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
I always give them a dose of flea solution after they've been to the vets, just in case!!
thats a really good idea susan.

do rabbits and cats carry the same type of fleas? and foxes too?
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I think so?!
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