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Best Costume 2001

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Okay, I know there seemed to be fewer Trick or Treaters this year, but what was the best costume you saw?

For me, it was at our Halloween party Saturday night, I dressed up as a tiger, will try to post a pic when I get them back.

There were some good costumes, but the best and most creative one I saw was this short little guy who came dressed as what looked like an end table...cardboard platform with a fake lamp on his head, ashtray, alarm clock, etc. On the lamp was a bra, on the table was a fake empty wine bottle and glasses, empty c_n_d_m wrappers, and various other stuff. When asked what he was, his answer was....
"A One Night Stand!"
I guess part of what made it so funny, was the appearance of this guy, he was about 5'4", chubby, glasses, and balding...with his head poking from the lampshade, it was just too cute!
He had this evil "little boy" grin that was just hilarious!

Okay, it loses something in the telling, I guess you just had to be there! :LOL:

What was the best costume YOU saw?
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The best costume I saw was the headless horseman. One of Mike's co-workers went riding down the highway on his dead-broke broad white arabian that was painted black. He had a lit pumpkin for a head and with the cloak flowing in the rain, it made a really scary sight.
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Gosh, I only saw kids and they mostly had store bought costumes. Except for a few teenagers who went as Goths, but from all their piercingings I'm not sure if that was really a costume . . .
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oooohhh Ichebod Crane! (sp) ya know, I really need a collegiate dictionary, my lil Websters Concise just isnt cutting it! :laughing2:

Hissy, just how do you "paint" a horse black? I read that and thought "what a great idea, the Headless Horseman!" then I thought..."What??? He painted his horse???"
Sounds like quite a sight, I'd have loved to see that!
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Twin 4 yr old girls - one as the devil and one as an angel. They were so cute they got extra candy
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My co-worker, Angel has a Mom with a sense of humour (or maybe it was just the 60's?)
Angel's full name is Angelisa, and her sisters name is Devlin! :laughing2:
They hated their names as kids, but kinda get a kick out of them now!
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I saw this little boy at seven eleven dressed as one of the Ewoks from Star Wars.
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