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Still Waiting...lol

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Kiwi really is not interested in food at all today. I put out her favourite wet food, and it dried up she left it so long. She hasn't really touched her dry food, but she did eat 1 of her 2 vitamin chewables.
I've been checking for milk, but there is none, and she seems just like herself.
You can see them kicking about in there though, so they are ok. She was "due" 2 days ago, but my speculation is that I should be giving her about another 4-5 days before I expect them. Just like a person I guess, just a waiting game lol.
Hmm, a question though. My vet told me that she was due Friday, and to call her Monday if she hasn't had them yet. Should I call her and let her know they have not arrived yet? Or do you think she will be ok?
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If your vet asked you to call her, do it. Can't be too cautios when it comes to stuff like this.

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Maybe give her a call just to be safe Can't wait to see pics once they arrive! Do you know how many there are?

Don't your hours seem a lot longer than before when you weren't waiting?
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Ya, I supposed I should call her, just to be safe
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It really is a bit difficult for human fingers to squeeze milk out of a cat's nipples so don't let that be your guide. By all means keep you vet apprised of the situation . The vet will probably tell you to take her temp.
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Any update? Did you call the vet?
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not yet sam, it's 2:58 am here
i don't really classify this as an emergency. just me being impatient
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Just don't let her go too long without food or particularly liquid. Is she drinking water?
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How is Kiwi behaving? I remember when Skinny was about to give birth, she was on edge and wouldn't keep still.
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She's just acting as if nothing is wrong
hmm...makes me curious
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Hopefully she'll have her babies today, but yes, I woudl no doubt call the vet and let him know what's going on..........
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i know this might be gross... but you could
Suck the milk out?
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I called like right after I posted my last message. She told me to take her temperature, and it should be between 101 to 103. She said if it drops below 100, she will deliver within 24 hours.
Her temp was 100.4 when I took it 5 mintues ago. So, that means not today, or tomorrow....but, could her temp change drastically within the day?
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