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Hello from Leah and the gang.

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Well took a hour but figured out how to post. Greetings from the middle of the state of Illinois. Alittle about my self. I am 44 years young with a old body. I have been rescueing kitties for almost 15 years. I do also dog rescue but not as much as kitties. There are 7 kitties and 3 dogs along with the kitties pet bird (Silly Sally) and the turtle named Gracie. The top cat is Mr. T. who is 17 1/2 years young weighing 17 pounds. Unfortionaly our time with Mr. T is near the end. He was diagnosed with cancer 6 months ago. Mr. T came to us when he was 3 weeks old after being found by a boater who witnessed his being tossed overboard by a fellow boater. Tiggy Tie- will be 10 years in April. We think she is part Maine Coon. She is a real lover to the family but rarely seen by others. Rascal- age unknown we have had him for 4 years. He was rescued from a very busy interstate. Cars had ran him over and left him for dead. By the time he reached me it was unknown if he would survive. He is a handsome Red tabby even with no tail. Buffy- A beatiful Maine Coon we think. I rescued her from a very abusive family along with her brother who did not survive. She was so dirty and thin that it was thought that she was black. To our surprise she is a buff colored kitty. Tommy- a totally black handsome fellow. A real lover and loyal friend. He just turned a year old Valantines Day. Precious- She is our wonder kitty. She will be 2 in April. She is our tinist kitty. Precious was severly neglected from birth. Being the runt didn't receive the proper intervention from the owner. Once I was told about her I had to have her. Precious never grew fully her size is that of maybe 4 months. Many vets have told us that she will not live a long life. Lastly is my Daisy Mae- she is my sole mate. Rescued from a lake by a fisherman. She was the sole surviver. After extensive vet care I was able take her home. She was 4 weeks old. Daisy is now 5 months old and has imprinted me as mom. She is a brown tabby with a white chest. Our 3 dogs are Clyde- a 11 year old collie/husky a wonderful companion. Bonnie is a 2 year old Border collie/Bassett who is the family brat. Chrissy is a 4 month old Rottweiler/lab. Who is very smart and has begain her training to be a service dog.
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Welcome to TCS.

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Welcome to the site Leah! Your post about all of your kitties, and how they came to you, really touched me. You are an angel for these animals! They are so lucky to have found you, and thank goodness they did. Beautiful stories...
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Welcome to TCS!
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Hi, Leah! Sierra and I welcome you and your wonderful family to TCS! So glad you joined us and looking forward to getting to know you better! Each of your babies is so unique and special, and so very loved! Bless you for all you're doing for these precious babies!I would be so happy to help you in any way as you learn your way around the site. Please, simply click on my user name and send me a Private Message!
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Hello Leah, welcome to the site
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Welcome to TCS, Leah Your gang sounds wonderful!! Hope you enjoy it here!
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Hello and welcome!!!

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Hi & welcome to TCS!!!!
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Hi and welcome to the site.
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Hello and welcome! Hugs to you and all your critters from Me, Mischka & Linx!
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welcome to the site!
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Welcome to TCS

I enjoyed reading about all your babies. I hope that you will post pictures of them all soon.
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Hello, Leah. Welcome to TCS! Silly Sally and Tiggy Tie are great names. Your house sounds busy and full of love. I'll see you on the boards.
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