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Daughter's bedroom and sick cat

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I have been on my daughters case about cleaning her room all weekend (she has spent the entire weekend banned to her room till I see an improvement).
Well now my problem child (cat) Sturgis has been vomitting all evening and not acting himself, and my daughter said that he threw up a little plastic duck about half an inch long and half an inch tall that he ate from her bedroom floor. Now Sturgis has to go to work with me in the morning which is absolutely the most hated place in the world for him because of his numerous surgery's to search for his missing testicle. I'm hoping an X-ray will not show any more ducks or god know what from her bedroom floor, I really hate to have to cut him open again it just tears me up.

I Just needed somewhere to vent because my daughter doesn't seem to understand that swallowing things could become life threatening
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Poor guy!
I really don't know what to say other than I know she doesn't mean to hurt the pets with her messy room, you should have seen mine and my Mom said the same thing about the cats. Took me till I moved out to realize that things are MUCH better clean AND safer! Now I get the same frustration living with a man

What about banning cats from her room? Door always shut and no cats until the room is clean? I know that would have made me clean mine since Jake ALWAYS slept with me.
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The problem is she doesn't have a bedroom door, otherwise I think I would have her keep it shut. Poor Sturgis is just litterly scared stiff at my work, he hides in the back of the cage and shakes. I would let him run loose with the clinic cats but he gets under the cages and we have a hell of a time getting him out. I always do take a cat bed from home for him and Milo will be there with him (Milo is a clinic cat during the week and comes home with me on the weekends), Milo and Sturgis love each other.
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Awe, I hope hes ok and stops eating things. I am so thankful Buddy and KC do not eat stuff.
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Again, POOR GUY!

One other thought, I don't mean to impose on your family life or give any unwanted opinions! Please tell me to shut up if I am getting to into this!

Is your daughter able to come to the clinic and see how scared your precious little guy is? Just so she can realize that you don't want him to be subjected to it when not necessary. Not accussing her, but just saying "Please clean your room, we can't have this happen again" ect?

I know you have probably thought of all of this I'm just worried for Sturgis
Would Milo mind hanging out with him in a cage for the hours he is there? Maybe a larger kennel for dogs or something?
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My daughter has been to work with me on one of Sturgis's previous surgery's so she does know how bad he hates it, but she is 11 so she is kind of in that self absorbed world of hers. Milo will have no problem hanging out in a cage with Sturgis, Milo is the most laid back 10 month old kitten I have ever seen.
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OK For some reason, forgive me I have no idea where I got this from, I thought she was older

Hopefully Milo will be able to help Sturgis calm a bit, I really hope this all turns out for the best!

Please keep us updated!

PS All of your kitkat family are beautiful!
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Thank you, and I will.
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it always amazes me what cats will eat. a plastic duck is a new one though!

and i thought string was bad!
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Sturgis is acting normal this morning and the X-ray didn't show anything.
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YAY Sturgis! GREAT news!!!
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