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Why is Beyonce singing Learn to be Lonely??? She can't hold a candle to Emmy Rossum!!!! Phantom didn't win anything!!!!!!!!!!! you have got to be kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I haven't seen the Oscars yet!
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The Oscars ended at 10:30pm(C.S.T.) here. and I didnt watch them either.
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Okay... I caught the last half hour of the show and I have to say Kate Winslet is so beautiful and that dress she was wearing was incredible on her...
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yeah I did like her dress
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With all the fabulous singers around my question is why was Beyonce given center stage to sing THREE songs for the Award show. Yes, she's beautiful and sings well but why not showcase two other people as well?

BTW.....the liked the dresses this year, although they did remind me of fashions my Barbie use to wear back in the 1960's. I much prefer those floor length gowns to those little shortie things they've been wearing the past few years.
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I thought `Yay finally!' they got all the big awards right for once. It was about time Cate Blanchett finally won for something, she is wonderful and stupendous! Although it is the first time I've ever seen her totally stuff up her outfit...lol.

Loved the fact that Hilary Swank won again - she's awesome except for the nightie she was wearing, and Million Dollar Baby was just a wonderful film.

All in all a great night - and I thought Beyonce was excellent. Can't get enough of her she is a talented, beautiful, gorgeous creature!
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