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Dry nose?

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Along the lines of the dry paws thread, I have noticed that Scooter always seems to have an extremely dry nose. I have seen some cracks in it, but it is never bleeding. I don't know what to put on it to keep the moisture in that is also alright if it gets ingested (licking the nose). Is bag balm fine for it? None of the vets ever mentioned anything about it being a problem.
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I really don't know for sure if bag balm is ok to use often or just in extremely dry situations. I would just call a vet and say that your cat has a dry nose and you wondered if you can put vasoline or bag balm on it. Advice is free, just call and ask.
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Bakker has a dry nose also. We heat our house with wood and have humidifiers running all the time. He doesn't seem bothered with it however.
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