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Cats in a Box

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So today the humane officer at the shelter I work at brought in 2 of the most beautiful kittens I have seen. They are both males, about 5 months or so. One has beautiful bengal markings (I think, not spotted though, its a marble type pattern). The other one is a Tabby and white. Anyways, they were found in a dumpster, in a cardboard box. There was food and water in the box but it was completely taped shut. They look very well cared but (oddly enough) but I can't imagine someone would bother to put them in a box in a dumpster and then feed them too. They would have been picked up the next day and crushed in the garbage truck. We think it was someone moving out of a nearby apartment complex who couldn't take them along.

So, I just thought I would share a horrible but happy story with everyone. If anyone lives near Ravenna, OH, they will be available in a few days, assuming they come up clear for any diseases, if anyone is interested.
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I'm so glad someone found these two boys! I just don't understand, and will never understand, how people can literally (or figuratively) throw precious lives away.

I hope they can find wonderful new forever homes!
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I can't beleive anyone would want to do something like that. Hard to beleive people do these things - and the fact that it happened right around the corner!
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My SHeba (RB) came to me a bit like that. She was in a shut box and left in a telephone kiosk, around 6 months of age. At least she was likely to be found there. She lived happily with me for 17 years. As you say, how can people do it?
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Sounds like someone possibly a girl ordered by a male to do this. Putting the food in the box helps to relieve their conscience of this act of wrongdoing.

We found a golden retriever one time chained to a tree in the woods. Nearby was a bag of food since ripped open and eaten by either the dog of wild animals. The dog could get to a stream nearby. Regardless, she was pencil thin, dehydrated and shocky. We picked her up and brought her home, worked with getting her back to health and rehomed her to a farmer nearby.

People are so strange
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You know i'm sitting reading this with Sophie curled up in my lap purring away, and i dont think i will ever understand people who can do this sort of thing to an innocent animal
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Yea I don't understand either. Hope these babies find a happy new loving home!
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Thank you for the happy story, but, when I looked at my 2 little boys the same age, and think about what those 2 went through, I had to cry. My Icy (actually, she's my grandson's cat - her decision & he couldn't be happier about it) was cast off the same way, sans food & water! My daughter found her at a campground in Cleveland Nat'l Forest; duct-taped inside a beer box next to the dumpsters. She was only about 16 weeks; the vet said that she appeared to come from a good home, no worms, & in good health. She made the 300 mile+ (1 way) car ride just fine; it seemed that she was used to cars!!
I think that Hissy is right about a man making a woman do that. Several years ago, my brother was doing a side job, installing computers & telephone system in a vet office and a sobbing young woman & her two crying little children brought in an almost drowned kitten. She had no money to pay, and the office manager was adamant that the vet couldn't care for the kitten for free. So my brother interrupted & told the office manager that he'd donate his time & the tower if the woman would just tell them the truth...I can hardly type this..the boyfriend had thrown the kitten against the wall, and then tried to drown it, but the woman & the children got it away from him just in time. When the grateful owner was leaving the office & asked my brother how she could repay him, he said that please make sure the same thing didn't happen to her kids.They left the kitten there for treatment, and the vet assistants said that they would report to SPCA & try to talk to the owner about spousal abuse. My brother asked to not be told if the kitten made it or not. He & I still wonder what became of the young mommy & her kids.
There must be a special place in Heaven for all you wonderful animal rescuers - I know your work is hard & discouraging, but you all keep on anyway. Everynight, I pray for you & the animals waiting for rescue.
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