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FLUTD - info needed!

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Hey there - I'm new and looking for some assistance. My 10 yr old female cat has exhibited signs of a urinary tract infection today. I can't get her to a vet till tomorrow and would like to know if anyone has any suggestions as to how I can make her more comfortable. I think I have gotter her to agree to use the litter box instead of trying to urinate on the bed, couch rugs, dogs bed, etc. I have an antibiotic the vet gave us a month ago when we had our male neutered. Should I give her these till I can get to the vet? Is there something I can do to help her?


Distressed Mom
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You really shouldn't do anything without a vet's permission. Antibiotics spoil rapidly that is why the vet tells you every time to give the entire prescription to the cat it is authorized for even if you "think" the cat is doing better.

Please get your cat to the vet first thing in the morning-
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Thank you for the information. I wish I could help her! We will be at the vet first thing tomorrow.
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Have you considered calling your Emergency Vet now? Ask them their opinion of your kitty's symptoms and what you can do till you get to your vets office in the morning. Or at least tell them the symptoms and let them diagnose over the phone what it possibly may be or IF it should wait till morning.

Just a suggestion, since that is what I do.
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Just encourage her to get in lots of liquids tonight - i.e. add water to make her favorite wet food soupey, or add plain homemade chicken broth to her wet food or over dry (just don't leave the soaked dry food down all night, it will spoil).

So long as your gal isn't showing signs of being unable to pass any urine, and isn't passing just blood/no urine, you should be able to wait until tomorrow (imo). Signs of blockage..in and out of the box with nothing produced, obvious signs of distress (crying, whiskers flicked out, sitting/lying in litterbox), seeing pure bright red blood that doesn't seem diluted by urine in your sink,tub or on the floor.

Please stop back and let us know what you find out tomorrow at the vets.
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Thank you everyone! I appreciate you taking the time to respond. I do not feel so alone.

Silky seem to be doing better. The constant trying to find a place to urinate subsided, then frequent trips to the litter box, now she is resting on the couch.

I will let everyone know how she is after we see the vet.

Again, I can not tell you how much I appreciated the responses!
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It is also very helpful to your vet if you bring in a urine sample. Some cats will use an empty litterboxor another trick is to put cat litter in a litter box then take a garbage bag or plastic grocery bag and cover the litterbox with it. Then the cat will pee on the plastic and you have your sample. Refridgerate it if you get one tonight.
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