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Saba is very beautiful, she does look a lot like Freddie. I also feel Gordo is the reincarnation of Whitey (my first cat ). Love the new pics.
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Saba - what a beauty!!!!

McKenzie is a reincarnation of my cat Mandy.
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Saba looks so nice. -cute picture of Freddie too.
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Saba is beautiful. I can't wait to see more of her.

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Aww Saba is gorgeous, thanks for sharing those lovely pictures :-)

Eva x
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Eddie Saba is gorgeous and looks very cosy in her new home. As for showing her rump to Sasha - sibling affection? I think not . How shall I put this without being indelicate.....mmm they are both neutered aren't they?
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Saba is such a regal beautifully fluffy girl. Finally you gave us more pics you tease,,LOL. She does look alot like Mr. Freddie, I am very sorry you lost him, I know you must have loved him something fierce, you were so kind when I was worried about Conner.
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oh you guys are all so cool. As she settles in with us, she is uncanny in her looks like Freddie, but she is very much her own kitty personality. She adores big brother Sasha and he tolerates Her Tabbiness and is patient and kind with her, but their relationship is very different than the glue Freddie & Sasha had as boys. Isn't that fascinating.
Beth, yes both are fixed. LOL! She is such a little diva, she thinks everyone wants to see her wiggle and preen! And Stevie, of course-- I was terriby worried about Connor and check your thread when something posts so I can keep up with him.
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Saba is so beautiful and it's so nice to see Freddie, he was such a beautiful boy.
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Grissom says "hubba hubba"
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