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Paw Pad Cream

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Ok - I wonder if anyone has any experience of this.

Lily is our first indoor cat and at the moment she has gorgeous soft paw pads. She will not be going outside so there is no need for her pads to toughen up.

Hubby would like her little pads to stay lovely and soft, and also doesn't want them to dry out running over carpet all the time (softey isn't he). I've been looking on the internet and all I can find are ointments to keep dogs paw pads soft because they go outside in the wet and cold so much. These are usually aloe vera ointments.

This might be something that those of you who show cats know about.

Does anyone else put anything on their indoor kitty's paw pads to keep them soft or are we just being really soft
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Awww. I know when Baylee's paw pads were getting dry and starting to crack we would put Vitamin E oil on them... I bet that would keep Lily's pads soft?
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Now that's an idea Ari. Also, we use olive oil for cooking - I suppose that might be ok too.
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Unless they are cracked, bleeding or sore, I would leave well enough alone. If she doesn't get outside, it is unlikely her pads will ever be rough. Nature has designed her well-
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Thanks MA - I was wary about just putting anything on - being aware that whatever was on there would end up in her mouth. But also conscious that she's moving around in an environment that isn't natural to her (carpets etc.)
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We use Bag Balm for cats with cracked dry feet which I think is just a fancy Vasoline. Not sure though, I never checked out the ingredients.
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Thanks Jen.
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Buddy's pads were actually cracked and rough from being out in the freezing snow for so long before we found and rescued him. Since he has become an indoor only cat again with us, his paws have healed up 100% and look totally smooth and healthy. We have carpet and non carpeted floors. I agree with Hissy, there shouldn't be a reason to have to put anything on them normally.
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