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Poison to cats????

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We have just been given a plant - a spathiphyllum ( peace lily). I have heard that lilies are poisonous to the cats if they chew on their leaves. Does anyone know if this is true? Any other plants that are a keep away from type? (I have heard defenbachia (sp?) is also poisonous.
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I keep no plants in my house but if you call you're local poison contol, they will tell you what's not good. You can also go to your local library and look in any of the cat books. I do know with Christmas coming, Pointsetters are VERY poisonous.

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Give this link a try. It is also a myth that the poinsettias are deadly. They might give your cat an upset tummy but in no means doe sit mean a trip to the vet. I think we had this discussion last x mas

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Sateycat munched the leaves of a poinsettia one year and I freaked. I called poison control. A nice man then told me that he would probably vomit, but he wouldn't die. Satey didn't even vomit. We don't buy poinsettias anymore.
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