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Sweet, but strange

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Fred, Pepper and Scooter get along very well, but lately it seems that Pepper and Scooter are taking care of Fred. As some of you may remember, Fred is 17 years old, and seems to be getting a little senile and frail. He is FIV+, and had a head injury several years ago. The vet says he is just getting old, not really having any symptoms or illnesses.
For the past week or so, Pepper and Scooter have been being particularly kind to Fred. They get on either side of him and cuddle him, bathe him, and don't gobble down all the treats when I put a few on the floor for them to share. They always slept on my bed, but now they all pile up together in a cuddle. Scooter lays his little head on Fred's hip that has a little arthritis in it, as if to keep it warm. Both of them groom him. Pepper escorts him around the house and fusses over him like he is her kitten. He licks their faces and ears, but it now seems to be more of an affectionate gesture than grooming. He has raised all the cats we have ever had. Scooter is the first kitten that he did not do most of the raising and caring for.
I am afraid that they see him fading, and that he may be not with us much longer. I hope they are just being sweet, caring for old grandpa kitty. He does not seem to be feeling poorly, he eats like a horse, and acts pretty much like he has for the past couple years, since started slowing down a bit. What do you guys think?
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I honestly couldnt hazard a quess on his lifespan, since cats are very private about their pain and suffering. I think its very sweet that the other two are taking care of Fred, the only thing I could say is our cat and dog take special care of each other when they know someone is sick. But that doesnt mean he's going to pass away soon. I would just keep an extra eye out, and perhaps hand out a few extra treats for everyone
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