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Hair & Nail Growth Vitamins?

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Has anyone tried/heard a review of any vitamins (or similar type of product) specifically made to make your hair and nails grow faster/stronger?

My nails right now are looking fairly nice, to the point where I could walk into a salon and almost not get laughed at. But they tend to break easily, being very weak and I was wondering about those vitamins they sell, promoting longer, stronger nails? They're also for longer, stronger hair, which I wouldn't mind.

I saw them sold at a grocery store but they're a bit pricey so I figured I'd ask y'all and see if you had heard anything about them. Any thoughts?
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Believe or not, Eric used them a couple of years ago (for his hair, not nails) when he wanted to grow his hair long (and thank god he didn't, he looked like he escaped from prison). ANd the vitamins did nothing. But what does work, so I have heard, is soy and flax seed oil, which a lot of people take with their food just to be healthy. The flax seed oil, take a drop or two daily with OJ or tea and it has Omega 3 fatty acids which are good for you anyway! Save your money. Massage your scalp every night!
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Hmm, that might be an idea. I just want pretty REAL nails, ya know... don't want them to break or have to put on fakes!
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in my experience it hasnt worked a jot. you'd be better of getting a professional manicure then buying some nail products like Sally Hansen Teflon Tuff to stop them peeling.

a normal multi vitamin would work just as well as a hair/nails suppliment as theres only so much your body can absorb
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i used to use this specialty nail toughener called "Nailene" i was sold at like a cosmetics specialty store, not like at Target or anything. It actually did work real well. But I don't know where to tell you to look for it.

EDIT: fyi -- I tried the Sally Hansen stuff does not work, but that other stuff did.
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See, I've tried all those Sally Hansen "Tough As Nails" nail polish stuff... but I can get real picky with my nail polish and if I see a chip in my polish, I'll peel it all off (which is the main reason why I stick to clear polish - it's less likely that I'll notice). So I know those polish strengtheners can work but once you're not wearing the polish, they don't, you know?
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try using the clear if you can wear it or go for regular manicures. my nails are bought and 'did' once a month as they look so much neater than my real nails.
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I always have issue with fake nails... manicurists always insist in you getting them really long... plus when they grow out and you get a refill the refill never blends well.

Also manicurists always yell at the condition of my nails/cuticles! Sniff sniff!
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lol- luckily i have a very good manacurist who has never yelled at me! i also like being able to get festive holiday designs stenciled on and sprakly jewells added. its worth the money when you see how bad i am at doing nails!
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Actually, the best vitamins for hair and nail growth are....prenatal vitamins. I've heard that from so many people, and I did take them before we got married to *try* to get decent nails for that important picture of our hands with the rings. They do work. Just be sure you tell Dillon what you're taking them for BEFORE he finds them in the bathroom! LOL
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Heidi, that is too funny! I have also heard that prenatal vitamins work great... where would I find them though?
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Any place that carries multi-vitamins should have them. Wal Mart, Target, grocery stores. If I remember right, I think my doctor even recommended them for me as just a general vitamin. The body will purge any extra vitamins and minerals that you take in that it can't absorb (which is why some of those super-extra-hecka-vitamins aren't worth the money...the body can't possibly use the doses they give you, and you just pee them out).
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For hair and nail growth I take Zinc pills.
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This one girl I work with still takes her prenatal vitamins even though it's almost been a year and half since she had her baby. She loves the fact that she's the only girl in the deli who actually has long, natural nails. (And lemme tell you, it's impossible to have long nails that don't peel when wearing those darn gloves all the time. They ruin nailpolish within one minute - I kid you not.)
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I used to get my nails done in the salon but at $20 each time I decided to find an alternative. I have a few tips for you.

First I use a product called "Nail Gripper". This preps your nails for polish and actually helps the polish adhere so this prevents chipping and peeling. Can be bought at most beauty supply shops for around $8.00.

Next I use a nail hardener such as "Nail Magic" also found at beauty supply shops. Avon resently came out with a good one too..."Nail Experts Liquid Acryllic Nails". That is what I currently use...only $4.00 a bottle.

Then two or three coats of your favorite polish. Add a quick drying top coat. There you go...beautiful nails!

Be sure to allow enough time to dry between coats otherwise you will see air bubbles.

It has been years since going to the salon. My nice are hard and strong. I still get a break from time to time but they grow back quickly.

Good luck!
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Ari i have the same problem, my nails are very very weak.
As i have to do alot of housework now i cant grow them very long because i dont get to care for them as i used to.

What i did is i got some nail oil form the drug store, it is only under 1 euro, alternatively you can use olive oil.
To get your nails growing you need to pull down the cuticles and apply the oil on the cuticles so they dont grow back quickly.
What i had to do was to put that sally hansen nail growth stuff every second day. My friend bought it for me from australia and posted it here.
After 3 weeks your nails will be really long.

I used to go to a salon to get my acryllics, they really ruin your nails.
But if you observe what the lady is doing to your hands then you can just go into a store and buy the buffer ect. and do it at home!
I havent gone to a salon since 2001 now. and my nails are long although they are very weak.
You also need to drink more calcium to get nice strong nails and hair.
to get your hair growing and for a good shine you have to eat atleast 5 pieces of fruit every day! (thats what my doctor told me???) lol
i dont anymore of course! lol

then in 2003 i was on a ship cruise and the lady fussed over my hair so much, telling me that "you should never get your hair layered when you have such fine hair" she gave me this product that costed $40 (yes i did have a bit of a splurge) and i bought this brush and you have to brush your hair 30 times to get all the dead cells out and so your hair can grow back quickly instead of being stuck underneath the dead cells. ( you can get this sort of brush from any store it just has plastic balls at the end of the tip)

well this did work untill i got bored of it..
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Originally Posted by valanhb
Actually, the best vitamins for hair and nail growth are....prenatal vitamins. I've heard that from so many people, and I did take them before we got married to *try* to get decent nails for that important picture of our hands with the rings. They do work. Just be sure you tell Dillon what you're taking them for BEFORE he finds them in the bathroom! LOL
this is the gospel truth!! I also used a multi vitamin that was supposed to supplement hair and nail growth (bioten is the specific vitamin that helps I think???) I just went to GNC and took a shot in the dark.
I think that someone makes a nail polish called "teflon tuff"? that stuff is gold to me too.

On a side note, I had beautiful beautiful nails for months leading up to my wedding because I wanted pretty real nails. Well, the week before the wedding all hell broke loose (I dont even mean that in a figurative really broke loose-ask Beryl ) and my nails broke. So, I went and had fake ones put on and it was AWFUL! I have had fake nails before but this particular time, the day before the wedding no less, they scraped up my hands something awful!! So, if you do decide on fake ones for your big day, get them done a couple days before
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Originally Posted by SQUIRT
My nice are hard and strong. Good luck!
Just curiuos Laura, when you say "My nice are hard and strong" what exactly are you referring to????????
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' CHERYL! you have such a dirty mind !
she means nails
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The best of vitamins for hair and nails:

"Kitzyme" Conditioning Tables with B-Complex.


My kitten eats "Kitzyme".
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Originally Posted by fwan
' CHERYL! you have such a dirty mind !
she means nails
Hey, she said it, not me!!!!!
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Originally Posted by ccoccocats
Just curiuos Laura, when you say "My nice are hard and strong" what exactly are you referring to????????

Oops...must have been sleeping while I was typing.

I did NAILS are hard and strong!

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Thanks everyone... I wanted to go to the store today and pick up some of the things you all suggested but I hadn't written them down.

Anyway, I think I'm gonna call for a manicure tomorrow... if not then I'll definitely go look into those things!
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Just wanted to say... I got my manicure today (finally!). And I've been taking such great care of my nails that my manicurist paid my quite a few compliments! So yay! Thanks for all the help!

Too bad she didn't do that good of a job on the french manicure. It's driving me insane just looking at it!
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Sorry about the results of your manicure, Ari! Congratulations on the improved health of your nails!
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Another thing that feeds your skin, hair & nails from the inside out, is WATER. Good ol water. Drink a ton of it every day.

My nails get chewed & ripped apart because I do alot with my hands. However they're strong nails, I just don't like them long and could care less about having pretty nails. My job doesn't require it.

My hair however is a different story. It's my crowning glory, it grows very fast, is silky, etc. And I credit that to drinking tons of water & taking vitamin E gel capsules. I know vitamin E has gotten a lot of flack in the news lately, saying too much is bad for you, but I like what it does for my skin & hair. And, my nails, cuz apparently if I cared about my nails they'd look lovely.

Try drinking lots of water... I think the prenatal vitamins would work well, too, but yeah make sure you tell your hubby you aren't trying to get prego or anything! Might scare him. They're big vitamins but they have lots of good stuff in them.
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i remember biotin is great for hair and nails. I'm sure they sell specialty formulas too.
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Thanks Steph... I'm trying to not look at my mails... but it's not the end of the world!

Yeah, I know water is good for you and I've started a new... not diet because it's not about losing weight. Just trying to eat healthier... eat healthy snacks, cut out sugar and sodas... It's really hard because I'm a sugar addict but today is day 3 and I'm doing pretty well. I do spend a lot more time running to the bathroom from all this water I'm drinking!

As for the prenatal vitamins... I've been taking them, even tho my fiance is nervous about them, lol. But I was wondering... is taking those the same or similar to taking an all around vitamin?
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