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help with our sick baby

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hi i am just getting started here and havent quite figured out how to post to get information; our one year old cat baby several days ago suddenly became sick and started having trouble walking; she went to no use of her limbs in a couple of days; she has been diagnoised with feline lukemia but the vet thinks there is something else going on but doesnt know what; any thoughts or suggestions would be most welcome;
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Can you give us more of a history of this cat? Where you got her, how long you have had her? Though really you need to have her seen by a feline specialist as he or she will be able to run the proper tests and have hand's on experience with her trying to figure this out. When they have FeLV their immune system is so poor that they are susceptible to all sorts of infections and problems.
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baby is one year old; she has been indoor cat all her life; all this just happen so sudden; it is very possible she came from litter that was infected by mother; but she was perfectly healthy until just the last week; she has been down for the last five days; vet prescribed medicine;
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It's possible the FELV could have something to do with her legs. Typically when you have a kitty who looses function of thier legs, it due to being poisoned or it's nuerological. In any case, it sounds like you may need a specialist. They tend to be a little faster with the diagnosis.
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well baby is back from the vet again; investigation has now turned to possible tumor; she is alert and reponsive; should know tumor biop result tommorrow; she had a spine adjustment today; we are just thankful that our vet office is understanding in regards to money. by the way everyone she did a great poop last night made us very happy. thanks for all your positive thoughts.

dan and diane
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Sending good vibes to Baby.
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Sending more good vibes for baby. Hows she doing today?
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to all of you who expressed your concern about baby thank you. unfortunately she has turned for the worse and we have decided to put her to sleep this saturday rather than see her suffer a slow death. again thank you all.

dan and diane
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How sad it turned out like this, but I am sure you are making the right decision for your little one. Our thoughts are with you at this sad time.
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I am so sorry to hear this news send her lots of love during these last few days and let her know that everyone on tcs is thinking of her and that all of TCS kitties that have passed onto the rainbow bridge will be there waiting for her

if you want to talk - you know where we are
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I am so sorry to hear Baby has taken a turn for the worse Will keep you all in my thoughts.
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Sometimes the kindest thing to do is the hardest act to perform-

Thinking of you during this difficult time-
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My heart goes out to you! Hugs! prayers are being sent for your furry!
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That so sad! Lots of love to you kitty and you.
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I will have you in my thoughts and prayers, it's a hard choice
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