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I am embrassed too...

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I like your heading so I'm going to borrow it for a bit....

I've noticed in the last month or two that my cat gets arroused while kneading (I don't know the proper name for that, but you know what it is - when a cat pushes his paws back and forth, up and down before he settles in to get comfy). Anyway, he kneads for a bit with his front paws, then his back paws get into it, then he looks for an arm or leg of mine to "get jiggy". When I push him off of me he meows somewhat angerly and then licks his "business" clean. A friend told me this might be a sign of a health condition and I should get him checked. I don't really want to have to pay a vet to tell me he's just horny. What do you think???

Oh yea, he's nearly 4 years old and yes he's neutered. Just before Christmas he had a urinary tract infection and was on antibiotics for about a month. I've switched his food and is no longer on meds. This behavior has started since finishing his meds.
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Patchylou, I will split your post into its own thread so it gets the attention it should.
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FOr my sixteen yr old that is one of hers ways of showing affection...
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Everyday I read something that makes me so glad the problems I have with my cats are .. normal. ::
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It is possible that he was not neutered completely the vet can run a blood test to find out. But kneading is a sign of affection, you cat is placing his scent on you and claiming you as his own. In the process, he is overstimulating himself, so your best bet is to stand up and remove yourself from his presence until he is calmer.
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Since he has a history of urinary tract infections, I would get him checked. It's possible that this is not a health problem, but if it were and it went untreated, it could cause a much more serious condition. If nothing else, you might call your vet and describe the symptoms to him/her and see what he/she thinks.
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Thank you for your input!!!!!
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