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Originally Posted by Starsowner
Sadly, I have no one else to baby sit my son. She baby sits him at my house otherwise he cries the whole time I'm gone. The situation with the D.C. will not last longer as I am almost done with training. Today I put Star in her favorite room and I put a child proof knob on the door so D.C. could not get in. I have discaplined D.C. but you see....D.C. laughs when you discapline her.......YES my son is picking up habits but I am hoping that a good firm stable hand can weed those bad things out...besides this is not a parenting site LOL.
I am thrilled you have put a child proof handle on the door, taken steps to seek advice and a support network (here) and are trying obviously. Please try to find a new babysitter. There must be alternatives that are "safe" besides that lady and her kid coming over to babysit. Perhaps invest in a webcam that comes with motion activated software (or download some seperatly) and use that as a "nanny cam" while your gone. At least you could see what's going on when your not there. Hoping someone will come along later and fix a lack of disclipline or structure or fill in some missing parenting skills.. is a pipe dream. You have to be responsible for your child, their safety, their upbringing and everything they do. If you KNOW .. and you have said a bit about this lady's inability to control her own child... KNOW that there is a problem and choose not to resolve it properly, it might as well be you causing the problem in your child not her. I know.. its not my life, not my kid and not my home.. and after all this is just a forum where people spurt their ideas, opinions, and everything else that comes to mind.. but I say these things out of concern and hopefully to motivate you to find a way to make a change for the better. Never accept anything less then whats best for your children please and this situation does not, from this side, sound good for your child.

God bless and best of luck with it all.
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I wasn't able to find information on the toxicity of the ingredients you mentioned, but camphor and menthol are strong substances and should be kept away from cats. Cats are extremely sensitive to chemicals, fragrances, etc., so it's best not to take any chances by preventing exposure to them. Star is probably reacting to the mint ingredient. It's impossible to say how this will affect her behavior - she may just react to it as she would to catnip, but again, since there are so many other ingredients, I would not let her be exposed to it.

I agree with what so many other members have already said - this woman and her child and bad for your son and your cats. I know this seems easy for me to say, but I'd no longer allow her or her child in my house. Finding responsible babysitters is always a headache and a challenge, but I'd move heaven and earth to find one rather than let that woman near my family. She's caused too much damage. A person who is unable to discipline her own child and shows no respect for animals is unfit to care for someone else's child.

I appreciate that you love Star and don't want to give her up. I hope you won't. What happened to Star occured because of poor judgment on the part of humans, and she should not be made to suffer because of it. There are many things you can do to help Star get past her trauma and again become the sweet friend you've known, but it will take time, patience and determination. An animal behaviorist, and/or the temporary use of anti-anxiety drugs could help tremendously. The first and most important step is to eliminate the cause of Star's trauma ASAP.

I'm rooting for you and Star. I hope someday soon you'll post that all is back to normal for your two and four-footed babies.
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Originally Posted by hissy
I had a lady come over a few years ago. Her husband is a client of ours and I had never met her before this. She came into my house and I had the tag team (they were kittens) sitting in the living room on the cat condo.

The women ran over, picked up two kittens and dropped them on the floor on top of each other! She then proceeded to dance around them in a circle in some sort of tribal dance shouting "Kitty fight...kitty fight!" And clapping her hands in glee!

When I finally recovered from being stunned at such bizarre behavior, I rescued Kahuna and Barcardi from the circle, scooped up the rest of my kittens, shut them in the bedroom and ordered the woman out of my home! Her husband is still a knife client of ours, but she has been told, she is not welcome in my home.
Wow that is strange!
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would they eat tuna? i think bonito flakes are the same thing as kitty caviar and cheaper. you can get then at asian supermarkets.

why not get your stepson to wear and old shirt a lot, even sleep in it so it will smell of him then put stars food bowl on top of it. she will associate his smell with nice things.

maybe even get him to put the food in the bowl?
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You can still use your stepson's clothing in association with food. Just lay a worn shirt (or pajamas, since those are worn for a longer time in an enclosed area, under the blankets) underneath the kitties' food bowl.

Re: Kitty Kaviar, my cats are strange too. They didn't want anything to do with it. And my Trent doesn't really like treats much either, or wet food for that matter. Star isn't the only strange one when it comes to special kitty foods!
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