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help cat sprained leg!!

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my 9 year old cat waffles sprained/strained his right back leg while running, I took him to the vet they took xrays, and after 3 vets reveiwed them and $200 later they found nothing. they gave him some pain medications and thats about it. This happened about 1 1/2 weeks ago and still seems to be no better he does not put any weight at all on it and justs lays around all day. Does anyone have any suggestion? please help!
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Talk to the vet and tell him/her that your cat is not doing any better.
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It's possible that there's a torn ligament. There are pro's and con's to pain meds. If they are on them, they will use the leg more than they are supposed to. I would talk to your vet and let them know it's not doing any better. If they don't persue it, you may want to get a 2nd oppinion.
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I'm in the same situation my 3month old kitten prince he was playing and something hard fell on his leg and I don't know if it's sprained or broken he moves he isn't aggressive or anything he only meows a lot when I try to touch it and I don't know what to do cause we don't got enough money to take him to the vet so can some one please help .
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