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How to teach a cat to fight !

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Im new on this forum, so greetz to you all :-)

I have a "lady" cat , about 7 years old.
Had some problems with bowels , the vet said it's from stress.
That figures , there's a new cat on the block that's causing problems, he is a little bully !

My cat is scared of him , now hardly goes out, i had to put in a cat litter tray for her.

Anyone got any ideas as to what to do ?

I was thinking maybe get another cat , hopefully it will be a fighting one and he will run this bully out of town, but then my cat may not like that solution.

Any ideas would be great .
Thanks for your time !
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It seems to me that the best solution would be to keep her indoors. If she's being bullied by another cat, she could get in a fight and get seriously hurt. Especially if she's already scared of this cat.

And if she's spending more time indoors because of this, maybe she's trying to tell you that is where she wants to be?

Getting another cat would NOT be a good solution, what if she doesn't like your new cat? Then you'd have a bigger problem...

It's not a good idea to encourage cat fights. Outdoor cats can carry many illnesses and diseases that can be transmitted to your cat through a fight. Not to mention the serious injuries that your cat might get...
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Simple solution. Keep your cat indoors.

Asking a cat to "fight" is only asking for a whole lot of vet bills.
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awwww, your poor kitty sounds really upset by this bully...please just keep her inside.

even if she did want to "fight" this other cat, you dont know that she would "win" and she might really get hurt in the process.
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Hi and I just wanted to say that I agree with keeping you kitty in doors. It's probably the best solution. I had a male cat that always wanted to be outdoors and we had a bully in the neighborhood also and the ended up fight for dominance of the area, now I have no idea where he is and it's really sad cause that was my daughters cat. To say the least it's easier to keep them in. I hope that helps.
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Your options are: Keep your cat inside with two litter pans, and keep the cat safe-

Let the cat outside to get into a fight with an aggressive male that will lead to cat bites, abscesses, stress and traumatic injuries, expensive trips to the vet office for antibiotic shots, debreeding the wound or surgery.........
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Originally Posted by hissy

Let the cat outside to get into a fight with an aggressive male that will lead to cat bites, abscesses, stress, expensive trips to the vet office.........
That's my Wawa! He won't go beyond the perimeter wall but he still gets into trouble.
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Yes. Keep your cats inside.
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Yeah, Hissy. I agree whole heartedly. When will people get it. Cat's don't belong outside.
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Actually, they do belong outside. That is their nature, and that is why there are so many cats outside today surviving as nature intended them too. We bring them inside because we prefer they live that way. When more houses spring up, and more people move to the area, the threat to the cat's safety increases, and house living is the only alternative.

My cats used to be safe outdoors with indoors access, but to much progress to quickly has taken that safety net away. If they have to live indoors, you need to be sure they have plenty to occupy them, plenty of places to climb, to hide, to sleep and not crowd them with more cats because you think they are bored.
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Originally Posted by valanhb
Simple solution. Keep your cat indoors.

Asking a cat to "fight" is only asking for a whole lot of vet bills.
Listen to Heidi! Hi & welcome to TCS!!!!
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Keep the cat in, be sure its neutered or spayed, and secure the house so it feels safe like closing off any pet doors to the outside. You can also try getting Feliway diffusers to spread that cat "happy scent" around the home or room. Good luck.
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Hi all :-)
I am sorry i did not reply sooner, i never got the usuall mail saying some had posted.I was under the impression that nothin happened on this site, how wrong i was!

Thanks for all your input. The vet did suggest that i keep her in, and i have followed that advice.
It's not that hard to do!
She is going out a little more , which is good ,i do think that cats should be out and about exploring and playing with each other.
But not if it's causing stress, as it is.

I think i will take your advise on not getting another kitty, i have no problem, but if the cat does then it is counter productive.

As for "teaching my cat to fight" , that was a joke :-)

Right now , she is fast asleep on my bed after a tasty feed of premium turkey breast!
Life is good :-)

Again many thanks for taking the time to advise me
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Hi RangerF150 - I'm glad you'll be keeping your kitty indoors, at least most of the time.
She will be safer and healthier this way.

I'd ask that you consider that the "little bully" is probably that way because no one has been responsible enough to have had him neutered. My guess is that he's not a bad cat at all, but if he's unneutered, he's exhibiting typical tom cat behavior, something he can't help. It won't be a fun life for him either - if he remains intact, he's doomed to a hard life of constant fighting, injury and illness. Any chance you could scoop him up, run him off to the vet and get him neutered? His life would completely change for the better, he wouldn't contribute to more unwanted kittens being born, and the neighborhood cats wouldn't need to worry about being bullied - who knows, maybe the "bully" would find some friends! Not to mention, you'll feel great for having done such a good deed!
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Hi KTLynn, the "little bully" cat is owned by a neighbour, and i can't really say anything. I could but unless they agree to lock him up then there's not a lot you can do !
Id say he is neutered , they are responsible people , he ( the bully cat ) is just doin what bullies do best.

Perhaps time will sort it out.

Thanks for your time :-)
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my nan used to keep a supersoaker by her back door to discourage a 'bully cat' from her garden. one squirt and theyre off like a shot!
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Originally Posted by maverick_kitten
my nan used to keep a supersoaker by her back door to discourage a 'bully cat' from her garden. one squirt and theyre off like a shot!
But they come back... It's better to use deterrants like human hair, coffee grounds, etc. spread around the garden.
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human hair will only work if its a feral, not a pet
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My vet has tied a motion detector in with the automatic sprinkling system on his lawn. Any time a neighbour's animal crosses his property the sprinklers come on around teh perimeter. Now, this only works if you have a sprinkling system, but I think it is a great way to keep the yard safe from neighbouring cats and strays. He installed it after a neighbour cat 'sprayed' his window while his four cats were in it and he then had to deal with re-directed aggression and his own cats now spraying in return.

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RangerF150 - Just another thought... sometimes cats act aggressively because of a medical problem. It's possible this "bully" cat doesn't feel well, or is in pain. Some people, unfortunately, aren't good about getting their cats in for yearly exams, so it's possible his teeth are bad, for example. Dental problems can be very painful, as well as potentially life-threatening. Maybe you could gently suggest to his family that you've noticed their cat behaving, ahem, a bit aggressively, and that this could be due to an underlying medical condition. You wouldn't be complaining about the cat but rather expressing concern for his welfare, so they may be receptive to what you're saying.

PS- Hope you're right about them having neutered the cat. Good luck!
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