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digital camera

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OK, I am wanting one very bad,,,could someone give me any pointers on some not so expensive cameras but reliable and affordable????? LOL
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I enjoy my Kodak EasyShare DX4530 a lot. It wasn't terribly expensive (as far as digital cameras go anyway) and it is pretty goof proof-lots of settings and it is extremely easy to upload to your computer. if you are a serious photographer you may not like it-it is not terribly easy to manipulate-but for most people it is a great camera. but I give it a big
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If my boyfriend we here this would be the time I'd call him to the computer and get MASSIVE recommendations for you. He's a high tech junkie and works at Circuit City. He has had 2 very different digital cameras and has also done a lot of research into them. From what I have heard him say, if you can find a Minolta or Konica, they are the best. Apparently they're the cream of the crop. If I remember when he gets off of work this evening I'll make him come into this thread and put his .02 in!
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This was my grandpa's policy before he passed away recently...go to BestBuy and check out all the cameras and their prices...then go to Sam's Club or Costco and see if they have the same one for cheaper! LOL Him and my dad got some good deals that way. So, my suggestion is that you go shop around for the best price, which could even be on the internet. That way you can get you the best camera for your money. I have an Olympus and I love it! It's so easy to use and takes great pics.- and has a lot of settings and options to use. My model is the Stylus, which is pricy but it's worth it to invest because it will last for a long time! I've had mine almost 3 years and it's not close to becoming outdated.
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