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Feline Vestibular Disease?

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Our 13 year old cat Bubba has been having some "spells" in which he loses his balance and/or falls to one side, and can't seem to get up for a few seconds. We have observed this three times now, and the episodes last from 30 seconds to 1-2 minutes. Yesterday he also had some side to side eye/head movements during the spell. He seems a little confused and slightly zoned afterwards, but not knocked out tired or anything. He has no loss of bowel or bladder control. We took him to the vet after the first one, and he passed his blood tests and neurologicial exam. I have researched on the net, and found info about feline vestibular disease. Does any one have any experience with this disease? Do the symptoms come and go like this, or once they hit are they constant? It is really frightening to watch this! Thanks for any light you can shed on this. . .
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I have not had any personal experience with vestibular disease. If I am not mistaken, the symptoms would be consistant. If there's a problem with the inner ear, or a tumor they are affected all the time.
Has your vet looked into a possible seizure problem?
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I too am here seeking answers about this mysterious disease that has affected the life of my baby Pookie. One minute he was playing with me and being his usual wonderful self and the next he couldn't walk straight, his eyes and head were moving from side to side rapidly, and he couldn't focus on anything. He was hiding under the bed, and that is out of character for him. It scared me to death so I took him to the vet who told me that he was poisoned. I left him at the hospital, went home, and scoured my house looking for what poisoned my precious angel. My search came up empty. I could not find anything anywhere.

After 3 days in the hospital, I was allowed to take him home. He was still doing what I call "the Ray Charles." He was swaying his head from side to side. Five days afer the onset of this he began to be more normal and the only sign that he was ever sick was the way he hangs his head to the right when he walks. I thought it was over.

Then a week later he had another episope. I rushed him to the emergency vet and he ran fecal tests and blood tests and found that I had not poisoned him at all. He told me that Pookie has vestibular disease and it effects his central nervous system. He said vets don't know what causes it or what they can do to treat it but they have not lost a cat to it yet.

It has been two days since Pookie had his last episode. The vet said they would last for a period of time (week, month, he really can't tell) and then it would never happen again. I hope this helps. At least you know that you and your kitty are not alone in this.

Happy Easter!

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