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Dori's wild morning

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I normally feed Dori half a can of wet food when I wake up in the morning. I learned early on this was a big mistake, since she demands it the second I wake up
On weekday mornings she just gets up with me at 5:30 when the alarm goes off. Weekend mornings she will sleep in until about 7:00 but then gets restless and wants to eat. Then begins her trying to wake me up. First thing she does is jump up on top of the bathroom door and meows until I get up. This worked for a few days, but then I realized her plan and quit getting up when she did this, even though I was awake. She did this early this morning and I got up, got her down from the door, closed the door so she couldn't get back up there and went back to bed. She then jumped in the bed and started walking all over me, I told her to go play I wasn't getting up. She then started running all over the room, jumping in the blinds and making all the noise she could. She realized I wasn't budging and left the room after about 10 minutes.
Not 5 minutes later I hear a loud crash and glass breaking. It went on for about 20 seconds. I didn't know what was happening. It was so loud. I jumped out of bed yelling for Dori, my fiance jumped up and I was yelling at him to hurry and see what was happening. Dori comes running as fast as she can and hides under the bed. I was so scared that she was hurt. I was trying to get her out to make sure she was ok, and my fiance went to investigate. I have a set, well had a set, of 5 candleholders on and end table near the living room window. Apparently in Dori's wild run around the house she knocked them all over and must have struggled getting up and away from them. There was glass all over. It took a bit to get Dori out from under the bed, she was so scared and shaking like a leaf. I eventually got her out and thank goodness she didn't have a mark on her. I guess she showed us who's in charge! From now on when she wants us to get up we better
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We also made that mistake and now early every morning they are always wanting food. You see my finace feeds them before work and then when he does have a day of and we want to sleep in its impossible as they always want there food and your right, if they don't get it they'll cause hell and they'll make you get up even if it is by breaking something.

Sounds like your poorly little kitty really scared herself...bless her. I am glad she is ok and came out of it not being hurt as a glass cut is nasty. Sorry to hear she broke your things but I am glad that shje is ok!

*big hugs*

Eva x
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At least she wasn't hurt! If it makes you feel any better, George learned at an early age to bite the electrical cords in our bedroom to get us out of bed. We have to have the phone and alarm clock plugged in. It works everytime. Usually at least once in the middle of the night and again at about 4 - 5 am.

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George - however have you survived this long!

We once had a bunny that chewed through the live wire to our freezer - the bunny was ok (by some miracle) but the freezer and all the food was beyond repair.

Our kitties are far too lazy to try and get us out of bed - they just accept that when we eventually wake they'll get fed. Then they amble into the conservatory or kitchen - stick their nose in the dish and start to eat.
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Awww glad Dori is ok!!
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he doesnt get fed untill i get up which is about 12. and then before bed.
he was going crazy at me and not talking to me for a few days untill one morning i got up and fed him.
since then he has loved me more than anything! lol
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Glad to hear she wasn't hurt! Our kitties sure do get into some crazy messes!!!
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It took a while for me to figure out that Malakai would chase my feet around and bite me because he was hungry early in the morning... Now that we have the dry food dispenser he doesnt bite as much but he's stopped eating wet food... so once in a while I take the dry food away so he'll eat the wet...
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I am glad Dori is ok. It must be something wild in the air. Pepper and Scooter TRASHED my house Wednesday night. I woke up and everything was pushed off my coffee table, everything that was not too heavy was off the kitchen counter, my cd player was hanging by its cord from the dining room table, and they had torn open a big bag of paperback books and tossed them all over the hallway. Scooter had his front paws on a book, and was pushing it across the linoleum floor just as fast as his back feet would go. They had even pulled some books out of the book cases in the living room and knocked over a lava lamp. Somehow they managed not to break anything. They saw me coming out of the bedroom in the morning and plopped down, with their most innocent expressions, right in the middle of all the books! The little stinkers!
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When I say get up, Mommy, I mean get up!
ok, I'm joking around, but wow, I'm so thankful Dori is unharmed. Poor baby, she must have been so frightened, and what a wake up call, Tanya!
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Wow.... Miss Midori did have a wild night.... I am glad that she wasn't hurt Tanya and that your nerves are shot either.
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Awwww poor Dori!

Next time Tanya get out of bed to feed your baby when she tells you!!
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poor dori
bless her, socks is the same though, he's always been fed the minute i get up, but now he want feeding the minute HE wakes up
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