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Is anyone else

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SO excited to see Monsters Inc this weekend? I told my boyfriend that we have to go. I've been waiting for this movie to open for forever. It will be a nice litte diversion before Harry Potter opens!
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My kids are dying to see that movie! We've been to McDonalds 4 times in the last week just to get the Monsters Inc. happy meal toys! Unfortunately, we live in a small town, so we won't be getting the movie here for a few more weeks. Let me know how it is! But don't tell how the story goes...
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Don't have any kids, I'm just a big kid myself
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I'm going to see it Saturday.
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and Monsters Inc too
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Yep, hubby loves Pixar so we've been planning on this for months!

It is my job on Fri. afternoon to buy tickets for the evening show. We are bringing our daughter, of course.

K-Pax looks good, but I'm afraid I have to wait for cable to see it. Besides the cost of tickets, we'd have to get a sitter and it just adds up too quick these days.

I'm going to sneak off for Harry Potter though. I think parts of it will be too scary for my daughter - I'd read it too her, but some things are worse to actually see - so I'm planning on going while she's at school one Thursday. Matinee, no school-age kids there, cheap tickets, you know?
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I'll probably go see Monsters Inc at the Drive-in next week end - going to my sister's this week end. I am, however counting down to Harry Potter (14 days). I don't have kids, but I loved the series. They are page turners. Even though they are children's books they are also very aldult as well.
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I can't wait! It'll the the first time that we take both kids to the movies as a family. Adam is just now getting big enough to sit through a movie (he's almost 3). My mom and I took the kids to Cats and Dogs, but Adam fell asleep. For some reason, my kids keep calling this movie "Monsters Alive." Goofy kiddos.
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I can't wait to see that movie I am 23 years old and I don't think I have ever been this excited about a movie
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