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My senior moment.

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I think one should not attempt to do 6 hrs of manual labor-i.e. helping in cutting down trees and carrying brush away if one sits behind a desk most of the time. We got alot cut down and burnt. Also started pruning the ancient apple trees. Got the pecan pie too!! I'm really not to stiff and sore today-my shoulders a bit. When we got home right away went into whirlpool tub and had a beer! But I knew I couldn't sleep well last night being overtired. It didn't help that Bakker was doing what I call "takeovers and landing" on my head most of the night-I probably got 3 minutes of sleep. So when I finally got out of bed at 6:15 am I had to grind some coffee beans. To be nice to hubby I do this in garage as not to make so much noise. Well I'm grinding away and say to myself that should be enough-I look at the coffee grinder and I had forgotten to put the container on that holds the grounds!! I had a good amount of grounds on the garage floor and alot on my sweatshirt!! The coffee was an expensive kind too
So now on to reading the Sunday paper and not doing much supposed to get 3-5" snow starting this afternoon. A couple of hours north they are supposed to get 6-11".
Have a good day everyone
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We've all had one of the those . Put your feet up and rest today!!!
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What a lovely start to your morning!!!! Sorry the coffee beans were expensive. At least the grounds were on the garage floor vs. the kitchen
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Friday and Saturday I was on the go constantly and it is telling me! After Mom and I left the Craft show yesterday (selling for our lapidary society) we drove to get soft dringks, I took a maximum dose of OTC pain medicine and we both crashed. I have 2 knees and hips telling me of this morning!
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Please excuse the typos in the previous post. The brain and fingers are at odds this morning.
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Oh boy, what a couple days that sounds like. Get some rest and keep taking it easy
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Goodness Gail!
I love yard work though -- probably for the reason you said, it's such a contrast to sitting behind my stupid desk!
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Now relax!
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