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Why do we do it?

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I was just thinking back about the pets I've had in my lifetime, and the times we've been heartbroken, and yet we still go on to have more.

Why do we do that? How many times have you said through your tears, "never again" just to go on to have our heart snatched by another furry bundle.

In fact it's a lonely house with nothing to greet you when you come home, maybe that's why.
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We do it because our lives wouldn't be as full without the love and happiness that our furbabies bring us. I can't imagine life without my kitties......they bring a lot of joy to our home.
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I absolutely can not imagine my life without my sweet baby girl. I would lead a painfully lonely shell of an existence, and would be without the pure love and sheer joy I find in her every single day. Why do we do it? How could we not!
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I think some kind of fate governs it all. Of my current three, two are rescue cats who ended up with me through unforeseen circumstances, and both would have died had I not found them just when I did. Ellie was the kitten of a barn cat whose owners I knew, but they did not want her, so she came to me too. I did not go searching for any of them. Yes, they give us heart-ache and worry, but the joy and love and loyalty makes up for all of that.
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Perhaps it's something similar to the reason we continue to find new love even after we've been crushed and heartbroken over and over again?
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probably for the same reason that we go in search of love with anyone after having our heart broken..

better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all, right?
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