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Christmas trees at the mall

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You would think they would wait till the plates are cleared for Thanksgiving before they start selling Christmas trees! How in the world would you keep them alive till Christmas if you bought one now? There are even Christmas commercials starting
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you would think they would wait until the kids ate thier halloween candy!
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We only have one more special day to get through before Christmas here in Canada...Remembrance Day on Nov 11. We've had our Thanksgiving long ago I sure would like to have some Turkey though! I can't wait until Christmas! To me, Halloween is just a holiday in the way of Christmas! I even felt that way as a kid...
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Sorry Hissy...I am one of those nuts that has the house decorated for x mas on Thanksgiving day. I don't think I would want to buy a tree yet though. This year I told hubby I would wait until the weekend after Thanksgiving, I will have to let yall know if I make it
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If you ask me,it's sickening how they put Christmas stuff out so early! I was at Petsmart a few weeks ago, and they already had their stuff out, too! I guess though, it is a good thing. You can get your shopping done early!
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This is such a busy time of year for us:

Oct 13 - Mom's birthday (she's deceased, so a bummer day for me)
Oct 31 - Halloween
Nov 4 - Godson's birthday
Nov 6 - my birthday
Nov whatever -Thanksgiving
Dec 8 - hubby's birthday
Dec 25 - Christmas
Dec 31 - New Year's

Plus there are 3 wedding anniversaries and 3 birthdays in my extended family, and another 5 birthdays among my friends. Ay yi yi, the cost alone is staggering . . .

I used to refuse to shop in stores that had Christmas up before Turkey Day, but I've adjusted that to my birthday, otherwise I wouldn't be able to buy presents! I did think it was too much when I saw a store with lights and trees up the weekend before Halloween and no pumpkins at all! I think we shortchange Thanksgiving by rushing into Christmas so fast.
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christmas seems to start earlier and earlier here in england.
christmas goodies were in the shops mid october but i suppose if you get paid monthly you need to buy your christmas things earlier than the rest of us,i must say i love christmas though and it will be winston our maine coons first christmas,the bengals are used to it and love all the fuss so i think winton will enjoy it too.
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I love christmast, though. I am already getting in the spirit. I am going to buy christmas cards. Can I have address from all of you who are in the United States and Canada? For those of you who live out of the country, can I get your email addressed so that I can send you cards via internet, please?
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To doing my annual Christmas letter via email only this year. I know that there is a lot of media hype about anthrax and although only a few people have died, there is still the possibility that sending a Christmas card in the mail anywhere, could pick up spores and spread contamination, and I simply don't want to be remotely responsible for that. There are only two friends of mine who aren't on the Internet, so I will call them this year. No Christmas cards from me, not this year anyway.
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I am a Christmas - a- holic! I start with the Christmas carols in August (helps me deal with the heat). I plan on doing some of my Christmas shopping in Mexico this year as I will be in Huatulco Nov 29 for 1 wk. In my family we set a $10 limit and stick to it (mostly). Preferably the presents are hand made. We feel it is the thought and spirit behind the present that counts. The important thing is my family always spends Christmas together (Christmas eve at my parents & Christmas day at my husband's).
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Looks like there may not be many Canadian Christmas trees in the US this year. Forest products just got whomped with a huge tariff by the US govt....not sure yet how it will affect trees,but lumber,paper is dropping real bad. Count on prices going up.
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I am going to sound about 3 times my age (of 29) here, but I remember when I was young they used to wait until after Remembrance Day to put up the holiday decorations, and anyone who didn't wait was being disrespectful to the veterans. Now they just don't care, and commercialism outweighs patriotism and respect once again...

In my neighbourhood, we have a nice mix of early decorators and procrastinators... last year there were Hallowe'en and Christmas decorations up at the same time
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