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OK, I gave up and reregistered/its me Rock&Fluffsmom

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This is Rock&Fluff's mom...I could not sign in with my old user name and no passwords would work no matter how many times I tried to kept telling me the username or password was invalid and well, so much for my 3000 and something posts I had here..
Ohh well,,,It is nice to be back, and I'll tell ya what,,,Rocky is getting to be such a big boy these days..he so a mamas boy too,,,his last weigh in he was 16 lbs and 7 oz,,,he is a big boy! and Fluffy just weighed in at 11 lbs even...I got myself a new computer and a scanner to scan some pics of me, the kids and kitties, but I haven't hooked up my scanner yet but I will do that as soon as I get a chance....Just wanted to pop in and say hello, and well, I am not new, just havent had a computer to use...I have one at work but we cant get on the internet for personal usage.....
ok, I am going to browse a bit and see how everyone is doing! see yall soon!
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Are you sure you were typing your old user name correctly? It's Rock&Fluff'smom
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I am positively sure....I even went to search at TCS and typed in Rock&Fluff'smom, and it said, no search found...I just wanted to get my pictures I had in my signature of Rocky and there anyway you can do this for me?
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WOOOOOO HOOOOOOO It worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks Deb!!!! :O)
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Yay! I see you in tracking, so it worked! Do you want to keep this username? (R&F'sMom?)
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no...I am gonna use my original name that everyone recognizes me with so I appreciate all of your help!! I owe big!
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Yay! Ok, now the bad news is....we have really had to tighten up on signatures meeting requirements..... With the pictures and the animated cat, you are really over the limit. What goes?
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Hey gal! Welcome back!!!!!!!!!!!
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And I have merged the 2 users into one, for anyone who reads this thread and is confused.
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Hown that be???
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Better, thanks.
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Could it be because the TCS was down for awhile??? Oh well...whatever!
Good to see you!!!!!!
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Hey!! Cathy's back!! Welcome back Chica.... Stick around please.
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I will this time for sure! TY
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Definitly welcome back Kathy, you know you are missed like crazy by my furries & I!
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Welcome back, Kathy! We've missed you!
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