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I am embrassed to ask but need to know

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Should I be worried about the cat chasing her tail... she is part bengal( from what i can figure out) has a short tail anyhow.... she chases it and trys to bite it .. I have never had a cat do this should I be worried or talk to the vet??
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No way!!! Its so normal.
Have you seen a dog chase his tail? Its the same for a cat.
Just plain old fun and curiosity of what is following
I have 3 cats who do that. i think its so cute!!

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Thank you ... I have had dogs that did but this girls is a riot
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It could be she's just bored. My cat Gryff does that from time to time, usually when I'm buried under all my school work and not giving him the attention he needs. Does she have enough toys around?
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she has lots of toys..lmao... she has taken over the dogs toy box... my dog is a yorkie...I try to play with her about 45 -69 minutes a day one on one
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Limerick does that once in a while too. I think he "forgets' that his tail is that long ... I wouldn't worry.
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Yeah, some of my cats chase their tails from time to time. I wouldn't worry about it unless she becomes obsessed with it.
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What fun!Aren't they so cute when they catch a glimpse of their tail in their peripheral vision and go to chasing it as if it's not even a part of their body and they are attempting to catch their prey!
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Don't worry unless she starts to bite it and lick the fur off, then it could be because it is hurting her in some way and needs vet attention. If it is just play, and intermittent, lots of cats do it.
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Sounds cute Try to get a picture! None of our cats chase their tails, but Buddy does try to chase KC's
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Willow loves to chase her tail. When she catches it, she proceeds to kick it with her back feet and then lick it as though it needed a bath. She also loves to chase shadows. Sometimes, I'm not sure whether she is chasing her tail or the shadow of her tail!
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Sophie doesn't really do it much now but when she was a teeny kitten she'd jump about 1' in the air when she chased after hers and i'd crack up every time
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When Bert and Ernie were little they always chased their tails. They went through an odd growth stage where their tails were longer and out of proportion with the rest of their body. So, they could catch their tail and would bite it. It was really funny because they'd bite it and attack it and then realize that it hurt because it was attached to them! I got a good laugh every morning for a while , then they grew into their tails and could no longer catch them.
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Sometimes boredom, or a skin condition near the base of the tail will cause a cat to chase his own tail. Even if a cat has lots of toys he can become bored because most cat toys just "lay there"! Interactive wand-type toys, where the cat has to chase a feather, mouse, etc. are very helpful in keeping cats happy.

If you've ruled out boredom or skin problems, it's probably nothing to worry about unless your cat does it excessively.
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Paige Chases her tail.. Its somethng that actually endeared my to her.. it's her little silly thing she does
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dont worry, like everyone said it is normal... sara doesnt just chase her tail... she gets pissed off, really, she will sit there and growl and show her teeth to it and then grab it in between her paws and chomp down on it, like she is trying to bite it in half, i actually will squirt her with a squirt bottle or clap my hands real loud at her when she does this... only because she ends up pulling chunks of hair out.... and it must hurt
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