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Spring is around the corner

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Aside from my alergies acting up some other signs of spring:

my tulips are coming up
so are the crocus

and... we bought a grill and had some bbq chicken tonight

Horay!!! It was in the 60s. I'm so happy.

Just had to share
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My tulips haven't started coming up yet. And it's not spring to me until it's in the 70's!

But at least it's getting closer. I hate the cold.
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LOL. After living in Vermont for so long (where there is still snow right now and in the single digits) this IS seriously spring to me. And still Feb. This was the first time in my life that there was not snow for my birthday. lol
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ooooo i am jealous Beth!! We just got through our biggest snowstorm of the year this weekend -- aroudn 6 inches. I haven't seen it above 40 degress at all this week. Can you send some of that fantastic weather a little more north and east? Please?
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=( awww......that would be sooo nice, it was -6 C here today
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I am soooo ready for Spring!!
We have been having weird weather over here..It will be in the mid 70's one day, then the next it is down in the 30's....such a fluxuation and more than my liking..haha..I take allergy meds so I don't worry too much about it now,,
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Well, it was snowing here yesterday in the afternoon... I'm anxiously awaiting the first signs of spring in NY... I can't wait!!
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I love Spring! I can't wait until it's officially here. Here in Florida we've had temps up in the 80's this past month, but it's also dipped down into (what I call freezing) the 50's. Since it is so much warmer here than most states, spring is signified by the temperature of the water at the beach being warm enough to swim in. I am SUCH a beachbum and am DYING to bust out my bikinis again and get to the lounging!!
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I love spring too! Here in NZ it is approaching Autumn!
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
I love spring too! Here in NZ it is approaching Autumn!
It always fascinated me when I was really young to think about the weather over on your side of the world. I would think to myself, "It's summer here, but it's winter there!!!" For some reason that was always such an interesting concept to me. hehe
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After moving from Ontario to Georgia, I feel like I am still waiting for Winter to arrive (VBG). I love this transition from Fall weather right to Spring:-). We have had several days in the 70s now and this past week I planted two new rose buses, and put out the cool Spring plants in the garden - lettuce and broccoli as plants, and mesclun, onions, spinach and peas as seeds. The birds have been singing Spring songs now for months and I have the windows open most days again. It is cool today and raining - only in the 50s but heck, it isn't white and I don't have to shovel it!

(tossing a little bit of spring weather to places north for everyone to enjoy!)
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I wish - we had snow again today, so there are about 14 inches of it now, and it's supposed to go down to -20°C (-2°F, I think) tonight and tomorrow night, and stay that cold for a few days. I'm wearing layers of fleece!
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