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Could someone help me with my Senior cat Snoopy  

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Snoopy is an extreme senior. He's almost 20 years old. I can tell he's constipated, because he keeps trying to go to the bathroom, but nothing really comes. He was able to get rid of a couple of tiny little poo poo's, but I know he really wants and needs to go potty.

Is there anything I can feed him to help him along? I don't have enough money for the emergency vet, and I honestly don't think at his age, that an enima would be good for him. I think it would be too hard on his system. When he was younger I took him in to the vet for an enima because I thought he was constipated, but that was about 6 or 7 years ago, and even though he was still pretty much of a senior cat then, he was much stronger in those days. I was thinking about getting that malt stuff you give them for furballs ect, but he hates that stuff. Is there anything I can do to help soften up his stools so he can get some relief?
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If you have canola oil or safflower oil you can mix it with some canned food and water to see if he will eat it. When they get into the double digits, constipation becomes pretty common. His best bet is for you to try and get some liquids into him- pediaylte. Keeping him active will help as well to move things along-
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Hope, there are a few things you can do for Snoopy without resorting to an enema yet(which is only necessary if he's really impacted).

Water is very important for good digestion and elimination, so make sure he's getting a little extra by sneaking some into his canned food (don't give him dry food, that will just use up more precious water that he needs). You can also try adding low or no salt chicken broth to the food. Try to encourage him to drink by providing water the way he likes it, for example, a dripping faucet (some cats love to drink moving water).

Get some ground psyllium seeds (at any health food store - make sure it's just ground seeds, no other ingredients). Put about 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of this into a cup and add some water to dissolve the powder - you don't want it too thick like jelly - it should be more liquid. Add 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of this to each meal, use more if he'll accept it.

You can also add finely grated carrots, and even some olive oil (1/4 -1/2 teaspoon) if he's ok with that. One of my cat care books recommends slippery elm, an herb usually used for throat problems. Dilute 20 drops of alcohol-free slippery elm tincture in an ounce of spring water and give a dropperful 3-4 times per day. I haven't tried this remedy - usually the psyllium and olive oil does the trick.

Try to get him to exercise a bit, or at least move around some. Exercise helps the abdominal muscles push out the stool.

If Snoopy doesn't poop normally in another day or two, you'll need to get him in to see the vet. Extreme constipation is a serious condition - it's painful and will cause other health problems, so don't wait. Good luck!
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I don't a\\have any oil, but I'll go get some. I'll also get some pedialyte. I know he's not comfortable, he keeps getting up and trying to go potty, and he tries for a few minutes, then gives up and goes back to lay down. He's made numerous attempts. I sure don't want to have to put him through and enima if I don't have to. That time I did take him in to get one, he was howling so badly that you could hear him out in the waiting room.
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Yes, if he's not pooping by Monday, I'll take him in. Im so worried because of his age.
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Enemas are always rough on a cat, but obstructions can be life-threatening-
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Is he still peeing?

For constipation you can also used canned plain pumpkin (not canned pumpkin pie).

We have clinic at that will be 23 in October, I know how you feel, when they start getting that old the smallest thing can worry you.
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As far as I know he's still peeing. Today about all he's tried to do is go poop, and like I said, 2 tiny little balls came out, but that's it.
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Check the litter box for pee, just to be sure. Not peeing is absolutely life threatening and even more so at his age.
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I have had trouble with Dori being constipated twice. I gave her pumpkin, which someone on the site recommended to me, and by the morning she was able to use the bathroom. She wouldn't eat it straight so I mixed it with some of her wet food.
I think you could even mix a little pumpkin in the food a few times a week to help prevent the constipation.
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It's hard for me to tell if he's peeing because I have two other cats. I'm really worried. I'm afraid this might be the end for him. I don't know if I can handle it, to be honest. He seems like he really doesn't feel good at all. Where do I find this canned pumpkin? I'm sure I'll have to force it down him, but I want to give it a try. You said it wasn't the canned pumpkin you use for pumpkin pies right? I'm about to go to the store now, so if someone could help me with the pumpkin, I'll get it.
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It is the canned pumpkin that you use for pumpkin pie, just get the kind withouth any of the pumkin pie spices in it. The one time I had to feed Spirit canned pumpkin she ate it with no problem.

I would seperate him with a clean litterbox to make sure that he is peeing. Sometimes it is hard to tell if they are straining to pee or poop.
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You will most likely find the pumpkin where you find pie fillings in your grocery store, here the only brand I could find was Libby. It doesn't have any sugar or anything added to it.
Hope, I will keep you and Snoopy in my thoughts, let us know how he is in the morning.
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Originally Posted by hissy
If you have canola oil or safflower oil you can mix it with some canned food and water to see if he will eat it. When they get into the double digits, constipation becomes pretty common. His best bet is for you to try and get some liquids into him- pediaylte. Keeping him active will help as well to move things along-
Ditto ... I use olive oil ya might try cod liver oil since fish is a fav of cats
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I went out and purchased Pedialyte, Canola Oil, Libby pumpkin filling and chicken baby food. He is now losing all interest in food. Last night he was perfectly normal, and eager to eat, tonight he if refusing. I am afraid that his poor old body is shutting down. Usually, he loves chicken baby food, but tonight he didn't want it. I mixed it with Pedialyte, as well as a little oil and forced him to eat it. I also purchased one of those soft tip baby dispensers and put small amounts in his mouth so he would have to eat it. I haven't tried the pumpkin yet, I will try it a little later, because I don't want to stress him out.

Sadly, I've been having bad feelings, all most psychic feelings for the past week, that Snoopy's time was near. He didn't show any signs of being sick, but he has gotten so old and feeble in the past few months, even though he's always been eager to eat. The other night I looked in his tired old face and I told him, if he was ready to go, he could do it, although I really don't want to loose him. He's been with me all of his life, and that's a long time. He's my best friend on this earth, and to me, he's my son. I have literally spent ALL of my adult life with him. I don't know how I'm going to do it, but I'm sure I'm going to dealing with his loss soon. I've known for the last couple of years that I need to be prepared for it. I know I should be grateful that I've had him as long as I have, and I am. Right now, I'm just dead inside. I'm going to try everything I can to see if I can get him to revive, but I know that loss of interest in food is a bad sign. I just hope I can handle this. I love Snoopy so much.
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My thoughts are with you and Snoopy. I hope he starts perking up for you.

Dev & Crew
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It is so hard to know when to let an old cat go, and Snoopy has had a long and happy life with you. But don't give up just yet - maybe there is something you can do. I would make him take as much water as you can with a drop or two of olive or fish oil in it, with a dropper or syringe, and get him to a vet at the first opportunity.
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I agree that sometimes Meowmy's have a sixth sense about their old kitties. I also agree with Jenny that you should not to give up yet. I know vet fees are expensive , but if he's lost all interest in food maybe you should take Snoopy in. Hopefully they will be able to tell what's going on without putting Snoppy through a ton of tests, etc. My thoughts are with you during this time .
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If he's not better on Monday morning, I will take him. I would take him to an emergency vet, but I literally don't have enough money to cover their fee right now, and emergency vets don't work with you. I'm not giving up, but it seems the more I try to force things down him, the worse he seems to feel. I think it's stressing him out a lot. He's tried to have a bowel movement a couple of times, since I've given him pedialyte, pumpkin, and canola oil, but he's still not able to. I won't give up, butI don't want to torture him either. He doesn't deserve that. I am so depressed right now, I'm numb.
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Hope, I'm sorry Snoopy's having so much trouble, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is just a temporary indisposition. It might take a while for the pumpkin to act.
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dont give up on the dear old soul just yet. constipation makes us all feel rough! Trouble with the little old ones is that they just look so frail (my tulips is 18 so I know what you see). Keep trying with the food stuffs and plenty of water. I do agree though that if he is no better a vet trup Monday is called for.
Good luck - I am encouraging Snoopy on from this end (oops)!
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I hope Snoopy's doing better today. If not, I know you'll be taking him to the vet. I agree with the others - keep trying everything you can. If Snoopy's dehydrated on top of being constipated, it's no wonder he's refusing food and acting miserable. Those two things combined will make a cat feel lousy. If the vet gives him subQ fluids ASAP, he will feel MUCH better, and it will help with the constipation, too.

Hope, you've done a wonderful job getting Snoopy to 20 years old. I've got my fingers crossed that this is a temporary setback for him, and you'll both have more time together. I know it's hard, but for his sake, try to stay strong and be reassuring to him. You don't want him to sense that you are worried.

All good thoughts and best wishes to you and Snoopy!
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Hope i've just seen this now

Any news?!
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I just looked for this thread to find if there was any update on Snoopy today. How is he Hope?
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Oh Snoopy is in my thoughts!
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Any news, Hope? I've been thinking of Snoopy all day.
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Snoopys gone to the bridge
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Oh, no!
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