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Sensory overload!

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DSW opened a new store, today and I was there, right after opening time. OMG - row after row of beautiful shoes, at reasonable prices! Decisions, decisions! The hard part, was choosing WHICH ones to get.

I was in search of a pair of high-heeled, black-and-white spectator pumps, to go with a new spring outfit. Oh, well - the black-and-white spectator ankle-straps, with 4" heels will just HAVE to do. As for the lavender peep-toes, I'm sure that I have SOMETHING to wear them with.

Check the virtual tour and you'll see what I mean by sensory overload:


They DO have practical shoes: flats and sneakers but, those are no FUN.
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I must be your polar opposite, because I go for the comfy shoes. YOu're right, though, Cindy. There's a DSW near me, and no matter what you're looking for, they have so much to choose from!
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Gosh looking at those heels just makes my feet hurt! Give me a pair of tenny runners any day- Have fun getting your fix there Cindy!
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I'm with Deb and Hissy My shoe wardrobe consists of Birkenstocks, Dr Martins, and comfie Tennis Shoes.
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