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Just when you think you have heard it all

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Just heard on the news they have arrested a postal worker for (get this) OPENING up mail and sprinkling baby powder inside the envelopes and resealing them! When they asked her why she did this, she said so her boss would pay more attention to the Anthrax threat! Now, if they find her guilty she goes to prison for as much as 20 years!
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I have to say, I hope she gets the 20 years
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What an idiot. She should get fired and jail time. It's not funny.

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I heard on the radio today, a 12-year-old boy was arrested for leaving a bag on some steps at school, filled with baby powder but labelled "anthrax". Apparently he did it as a joke. They are planning to suspend him, though I bet having the police arrest him was probably the most effective part.
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We had an anthrax scare outside of work yesterday (I work in a government building). A whole section of the street was sealed off as white powder was found in a mail box by a mailman. There are analzing the powder & the box has been removed for decontamination. I feel sorry for people who put bill payments in there - they will have delays.
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Now there's a new twist on "the check is in the mail"! lol
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Apparently theres quite a bit of postal delay still in New York. I'm waiting for a package from there, its been a month! I'm hoping this whole thing clears up soon.
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Not until they figure out where the source is anyway. They said last night that they will be irradiating (spelling?) the mail being sent to the federal offices and other agencies before they send it on further. Plus they said transparent envelopes are making a comeback now.
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I gather they are getting a machine to do that here in D/FW soon. I wonder if they'll have to put a little seal on: "This package has been sanitized for your protection" Be careful what you send for Christmas! Not everything should be radiated. I'm gonna hunt down some vellum (translucent) envelopes for my Christmas cards this year. They're fun as well as useful.

I'm sorry, I know it's serious, but I can't help making light of things because it makes it easier for me to take.

I used to do mail art. If you don't know, people send incredible items through the mail, ranging from actual art and decorated envelopes to the absurd, like a running shoe with the address on the sole and the return address on the laces. It was a lot of fun, but I'm not happy about receiving a fat envelope from overseas from someone who got my name off a mailing list any more. I miss it, but I won't put my child at risk (no matter how stupid I might be if it was just me).
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